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Jhon GreenJohn Michael Green is a renowned American author who is best known for his critically acclaimed novel, The Fault in Our Stars. John was born on August 24, 1977, to Mike and Sydney Green.

As a kid, he moved around quite a lot with his family and finally settled down in Orlando, Florida. He studied at the Indian Spring Schools in Alabama (this was later used as the primary setting for his debut novel, Looking for Alaska).

Later he graduated from the Kenyon College in 2000.

Green worked at a children’s hospital for some time as a chaplain; this proved to a life-changing experience for him. He considerably moved by the getting a firsthand view of the sufferings of little children. Therefore, he decided that he would go on and become a writer.

Before his first book, Looking for Alaska got published, Green worked for Booklist as an editor and publishing assistant. He reviewed a host of books and also critiqued for The New York Times Book Review. His first book published in March 2005, and it was received very well.

Looking for Alaska went on to win the Michael L. Printz award and by 2012 and was made part of the New York Times Best Seller List for Children. His second book, An Abundance of Katherines, also got very positive feedback. His other notable works include A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, Paper Towns, and Will Grayson Will Grayson.

However, his 6th novel, The Fault in Our Stars, has been his most prominent work as of yet.

Before and after The Fault in our stars

Since that moment this author has become compulsory reading because I love the way he has to write and how it reflects the problems of adolescents, whether with illnesses and late not very happy or with crossroads of life to which They have to face to keep moving forward.

But I think the desire I had to get into this new story and read John Green to date had been synonymous with good reading and messages that leave their mark, has played a little against and a thousand times until always has not been the reading that I imagined and expected.

The book has left me with a bittersweet feeling, and I have not managed to connect entirely with the characters which in John Green’s novels, is crucial.

As usual in the novels of John Green, the disease becomes the central axis of the plot again, and this time from the psychological and mental point of view.

Breaking a bit the stigma in this type of diseases not perceived to mere sight and that only the one that suffers them knows well what it feels.

That part is what I liked most of the story because it teaches you to see and understand what a person with an illness like that suffers, something alien to others and that is always there, in their head, having to fight against those demons inmates who try to win the battle

Aside from writing, John and his brother Hank have started their video blog project known as the Brotherhood 2.0. The brothers agreed to forsake all types of text-based communication and decided that the only correspondence would go through the blogs.

Their blogs were uploaded to the YouTube channel, vlog brothers, and managed to attract a broad audience. John is also the creator of the highly popular annual conference for the online community, VidCon.

Speaking about his project, he revealed that he wanted to create a place where all of the people could come together and share stuff like music videos, dances, concerts, etc.

Mr. Green has also been involved in a lot of charity work as well and believes in giving back to the community. He started the Project of Awesomeness back in 2007 to raise awareness among the people and encourage them to donate for the betterment of the underprivileged.

In 2013, John and Hank initiated the Indiegogo Campaign and were able to raise $721,696 through it.

John is married to Sarah Urist Green. She works with The Art Assignment. Sarah is fondly referred to as ‘the Yeti’ by John and Hank because she rarely makes an appearance in front of the camera for their video blogs. The couple lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and has two children; a boy named Henry and a girl named Alice.

The family also has a pet West Highland Terrier, who is named Firewall Wilson Roberts. Speaking about his religious orientation, Green has stated that he is a part of The Episcopal Church.

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Looking For Alaska

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An Abundance Of Katherines

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