Book Review: All the Single Ladies by Dorothea Benton Frank

All the Single Ladies – ‘A Story of Love, Pain, and Friendships’ by Dorothea Benton Frank

All the Single Ladies SummaryThe Three Protagonists

Dorothea Benton Frank’s latest book All the Single Ladies is a hallmark of her finesse and poise as a writer. This backdrop of this story is the humble setting of South Carolina, referred to as ‘low country’ throughout the text.

It is the story of three women who become friends through an improbable sequence of events. The novel begins with the passing away of Kathy, a local habitat. Our three main protagonists Lisa, Suzanne, and Carrie, are all present at the funeral ceremony of Kathy.

It revealed at the start of the novel that Suzanne and Carrie work together and were familiar with Kathy because she was also once an employee of Suzanne at her flower shop. Lisa, on the other hand, is a nurse who was often seen tending to Kathy during her final days at the sick home after being diagnosed with cancer.

The backdrop of the story

Once the proceedings of the funeral done with the three women, volunteer to help collect the belongings of Kathy from her place of residence. There they are confronted by an unpleasant landlady who lays claim to most of the things that these women find in her apartment.

At first, they let her be but later on decide to investigate whether the landlady was telling the truth or not. And through this search and other everyday events of their lives the women, they develop a special bond of friendship.

Lisa, in particular, has some demons in her past. A walkout husband and a daughter named Marianne, who, after all, that Lisa has done for her, has now decided to side with her absent father, this leaves Lisa with a dire need for a friend or two to get her life back on track and hopefully move forward.

Book Review

Like her other books, All the Single Ladies is a book beautifully written with particular attention to detail. In particular, the author is lauded by the critics and the readers alike for the way that she described in detail the lay of the land.

She even gets the flavor of the local dishes right! Another highlight of her books is her engaging writing style that keeps the writers transfixed throughout.

We can enjoy a story with lines of mystery, romance, but with much emphasis on the value of friendship. It is a group of women who have passed or are the result of failed or broken relationships, whose future is uncertain, they continuously struggle to leave behind their past and redeem themselves while supporting each other.

Everything leads to that odd moment in which all are available to single men in one way or another, which leads to triggering the freest and passionate romance, this only surpassed in the presence of Miss Trudie who plays an important role and very dear as a support character.

Despite the unrealistic, even childish approach of the end, everything resolves, the mystery comes to light, and the answers found, we must not make more effort to enjoy it, it is merely a funny story, an anecdote to share, Dorothea Benton Frank makes a personal book without high expectations.

The main characters of the story that are Lisa, Suzanne and Carrie and all the other characters introduced throughout are so lifelike. Readers often find it very easy to relate to these characters and their experiences.

It works well as a passing reading, weekend or for a long trip in which there is a lot of free time, it’s a fresh, entertaining story, maybe simple, but that’s what the author’s style is about, there are no complicated puzzles.

Have a good time and laugh with the warm characters on a summer afternoon.

About the writer

Dorothea Benton Frank is an expert storyteller, and her books always have a tinge of humor associated with them. This interjection of comical events and dialogues on the part of the characters involved not only help us in getting a better perspective, but also provide a good distraction from the otherwise more severe issues discussed throughout the book.

The primary source of such humorous in the thought process of Lisa. However, the frequent exchanges between all the three women might also contain lines that are sure to leave to leave the audience rolling with laughter.