An Abundance of Katherines Book in PDF By John Green

An Abundance of Katherines by Jhon Green

Book Summary

Tells the story of a boy named Colin Singleton, whose most significant ambition in life is to get recognition of the world as a ‘genius’ by providing a scientific marvel. Colin is shown to have a wonderful love life. Throughout his life, he has dated and got dumped by 19 girls who all bear the same name, Katherine.

When he gets dumped by Katherine XIX, Hassan, who is Colin’s best friend, urges his friend to embark upon a road trip to get his mind off the breakup.

They travel all the way up to Tennessee, where they meet a girl named Lindsey Lee Wells. She is the daughter of a local factory owner, Hollis. Colin and Hassan decided to work with Hollis and receive food and accommodation at her house. They are assigned to go door to door, to every home in Gutshot, Tennessee and compile an oral history of the town.

As time passes, Colin begins to develop feelings for Lindsey, who maintains an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend, also named Colin.

He is referred to as ‘the other Colin’ or just as TOC by Hassan and Colin to keep track of which Colin is he talking.

Getting spurred on by his ambition for a ‘eureka’ moment, Colin finally develops a theorem which he names as the ‘Theorem of Underlying Katherine Probability.’ He takes a look back at his life and finds out that his theory applies to all his past relationships. The theorem takes into account many factors and dynamics of a relationship before predicting its chances of success or failure.

In the meanwhile, Hassan gets a new girlfriend named, Katrina. However, their relationship fails to last long because Katrina and TOC are found making out with one another. Lindsey is disgusted and disappears into her secret hideout.

She is later discovered by Colin, who tells her all about his past relationships and she also vents out her frustrations. They both then declare their love for each other. Colin also discovers that his theorem can only explain why a relationship failed and not predict its future.

The book ends with Hassan, Colin, and Lindsey going on a drive again. They decide not to stop and let the road, take them wherever it may.


Critics and fans much love the book. It was the runners-up for the 2007 Michael L. Printz Award and also got recognition as being one of the best books for teenagers by the American Library Association. The Guardian Review gave the story 6/10 rating, praising the plot and the depth of the characters introduced by Mr. Green.

However, the book lacked a bit regarding the thrill and the drama involved, according to the review. The Book Smugglers Review praised Mr. Green for his writing and claimed that An Abundance of Katherines is one of his most excellent works.

The book has been in stores since September 21, 2006. It also includes an appendix written by Green’s friend, Daniel Bliss. The appendix contains details of the several complicated equations employed by Colin to derive his Theorem.

More than adding the writer and the story

The book is original and contains a particular story which I loved because the story has links to mathematics, equations, and graphics that are not heavy for reading but give that extra touch to the plot.

As a curious fact, I want to add that these theorems are real, they exist thanks to Daniel Biss (professor of mathematics), and in the appendix of the book, we find the explanation of how the theorem works.

I mainly consider the book comical; it escapes a bit from John’s style compared to his other works that possess more drama. However, I could laugh a lot with the story, and it was not traumatic.

Since it covers several aspects as they are excellent characters, action, romance, just a little drama and the universe of mathematics that gives spontaneity to reading.

As for the characters, I have no criticism; they are perfect and significant at every moment of the story, however, the protagonist Colin sometimes I perceived him as egocentric and disconnected with his surroundings, he was interested in everything that revolved around him and nobody plus.

My favorite characters and with whom I managed to identify without doubt were Hassan and Lindsey; their occurrences were quite funny.

Finally, An Abundance of Katherines should be on your list, and more if you are a lover of John Green, is an eloquent, funny and personal story that provides lessons for your life, I recommend it to be original, and I’m sure you’re going to love.

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