Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, Summary and Review

Attachments were written by Rainbow Rowell, who is the author of the critically acclaimed novels, Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. This book served as her debut into the literary world.

Attachments PDF by Rainbow RowellAttachment is a story about two co-workers, Beth and Jennifer. Both the women develop a habit of corresponding via the internet and become very close friends.

They share their experiences and day to day routines with each other in detail oblivious to the fact that the local IT person, Lincoln is monitoring their emails.

At first, Lincoln only considers the emails to be a pleasant distraction from the monotony of his job.

But as the time passes and as he follows the emails more closely, Lincoln realizes that he has started developing feelings for one of these women. He decides to listen to his heart and go for it.

The story is written from Lincoln’s perspective mostly. The chapters are a divide in such a way that the reader gets to read the entire exchange between Beth and Jennifer.

They talk about all sorts of stuff. The women discuss their past relationships, work problems and indeed their insecurities. Within each other, they find a friend that they can rely on and share their secrets.

As we go through the book, we realize that no matter how healthy or perfect a person might seem on the outside, everyone has some skeletons in their closet. Everyone has something that he/she considers to be an imperfection or a flaw in their life.

Attachments is a beautifully written novel that is load with adorable moments, and that is why this book has endeared itself so much to the readers. For example, we see that Beth refers to some guy in the office as “My Cute Guy.”

And when Lincoln discovers that it was him who she was referring to, there is a significant change in his life and his personality.

He struggles to contemplate at first that someone would find him cute and attractive. At that point, he realizes that he has started to fall in love with Beth and adored her humor and her honesty.

The book received worldwide acclaim by the critics and the fans alike. Rainbow Rowell is excellent plot and compelling writing style. Through several reviews, we find that what the audience enjoyed the most in the book was the authenticity of the characters involved. At no point in the novel do we feel that the characters are fictitious or superficial.

On the contrary, reading the correspondence between Beth and Jennifer makes the readers feel like these are actual people. Their problems and their conversations seem so natural and lifelike that it is easy to forget that we are reading a novel.

And just like the reaction of Lincoln, the reader might feel that he/she is meddling in the lives of two real people.

Although Attachments was the first book written by Rainbow Rowell, it is in no way inferior to any of her later works and is still considered to be one of her most beautiful books to date.

This book is a fiction novel for adults, so do not expect to see something like Fangirl or Eleanor & Park, but just as sweet and fun.

I think that it is the custom of this author to go down the deepest, paths, there are parts in which the rhythm slows a little, but I do not think that matters much, for most of the book could not help but smile or end up laughing like a lunatic.

A book with which you certainly have guaranteed fun.

As another of Rainbow’s books, she gives us another story full of sweet and funny moments. This author continues to consolidate as one of my favorite authors, giving us another fantastic, adorable and fun novel.

Biography of Rainbow Rowell

American journalist and author, Rainbow Rowell began working as a columnist and editor in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, where she kept a column for seven years. After this period, Rowell started to work for an advertising agency while working on what would be his first published novel, Linked, which won critical applause.

However, Rowell took his first step towards success in the field of children’s literature with Fangirl, just before leaping to the international market with his best-known novel so far Eleanor & Park (2013), whose film adaptation It is in a draft.

Rowell has been translated into several languages and has not only continued to write juvenile literature, since in 2014 she published Landline, a story about marriage. In 2015 he released his latest hit, Carry On, set in the same universe as Fangirl.