Book Review and Summary: Best Kept Secrets PDF by Sandra Brown

Best Kept Secrets: Fighting for Justice

Sandra brown romantic bookSandra Brown, the writer of many mystery books, has again introduced her talent to her audiences. Best Kept Secrets are a cocktail of mystery and romance. The author has mixed up emotion and mystery wisely in this novel.

How far a person can go for justice is described here. Taking revenge by convicting actual murderer is the basic plot of Best Kept Secrets. Sandra Brown claimed her ability to express a variety of feelings in just a few words. Picturing any story is more important than encryption.

A reader can start reading this book, but cannot stop until the climax. How a daughter can fight for her mother is the background of the book.

Growing up for Justice

Best Kept Secrets start with a story of a child. The mother of the child murder when it was two months old. An orphan baby could not find a way of living. At this time, the mother of a murdered woman appeared. She took the responsibility to raise her grandchild. But the unknowing real murderer, a false person was convicted. The child was brought up under full protection of its grandmother.

Alexandra Gaither. Shortly she was known as Alex. She attended law school so that she might serve justice among people. When she knew the truth of her mother’s murder, she promised to gain legitimacy.

Sandra Brown created a melodramatic situation in this part of the novel. When the time came of dying her grandmother, she promised her grandmother that she would go to Texas. Three persons ruled Texas, the root of all stories.

All of them were suspects of Alex. She wanted to find out the right criminal among them. She got herself familiar with them. The wealthiest man in the town, his son, and police, the sheriff was those three suspects. One by one she interrogated them on their unconsciousness.

By the time she also made love in some situations. Sandra Brown puts her golden touch in those romantic affairs in Best Kept Secrets.

Justice: A Relief

When Alex finally reached the real murderer, she started the prosecution. Having a delightful and evidential lawyer going on, Alex gave truth to her mother’s soul. In the view of a reader, Best Kept Secrets deserves more practical information to be a great masterpiece.

Sandra Brown could decorate Alex more practically as an attorney. She should emphasize other characters of the book.

By focusing on making love, Alex derived from her investigation. She genuinely influenced by her suspects. For a critique, this book is hard to admire. Writing unrealistic affairs down the value of its central aspect, the author tried hard to create suspense, but readers can easily find out the fact.

In total Best Kept Secrets can be put in the category of mystery and romanticism.

Best Kept Secrets is a story which can create impressive among readers. The perfect interpretation of stories has made the tale friendly to everyone.

Sandra Brown is praiseworthy for her more magnificent view of imagination. Her book has met all the qualities of being a certificate of her writing. A reader will start enjoying as the story continues. Alex reflected a loving and ambitious girl’s character in this novel.

Her thirst for truth will inspire readers to respect her attitude. Best Kept Secrets is indeed a source of enjoyment, mystery, romance, and adventure.

Biography of Sandra Brown

American author, Sandra Brown studied journalism at the University of Texas and worked as a model in her youth, as well as a television presenter. Also, Brown stood out in the world of athletics, achieving four world records in the modality of fast running.

But Brown, apart from his sporting successes and his time on television, is known to the general public thanks to his literary career, which has been dedicated, almost exclusively, to the romantic genre. Brown published his first novel in 1981 and since then has exceeded fifty.

Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards and accolades, among which we should highlight some as the A. C. Greene or the Association of Romance Writers of America throughout his career.

Finally, Best Kept Secrets has had several criticisms given the point of view of each reader; it is an original story, fresh and loaded with suspense by the events narrated there.