Book Review: Better Than Before PDF by Gretchen Rubin

Better than Before: Necessity of Changing Habits

Gretchen Rubin better than beforeGretchen Rubin is a renowned researcher and writer. Her writings expressed how dedication she has made for her life. There is a lot of space to recreate the experience. Better than Before is a recreational book.

This recreation does not mean to be enjoyment but teaching. She has shown how a man can change his life quickly. Her writing has praised by the critiques and readers of all ages.

Though there is some typical situation in this book, the instruction will benefit everyone. Gretchen Rubin has emphasized the practice more than theory.

Habit: The Key to All Success

Better than Before is a thoughtful creation. Addiction drives everyone. Researchers have proved that it is the essential thing in our life. If someone can change this factor, he or she should not be concerned about getting success in life.

The first question the author has asked how habit is useful. While observing our day to day life, we can find the effectiveness. From waking up in the morning to going back in the bed, We have obligations in a circle of habits. Some habits are disastrous.

Changes are brought gradually. As practices are founded from our childhood, removing them should be started from the very beginning.

Effectiveness: Result of New Habit

Gretchen Rubin has mentioned some stories which may inspire the reader to have a better life. The rumors are an extra addition to the books. Some so many successful persons have been famous for developing a good habit and sparing bad habits.

The second best solution which is offered by the author is getting a healthy view of life. Being confident in nature is a far better movement for changing habit. In short, Gretchen Rubin has drawn a broad picture of our lives in her book.

A look from another perspective

If habits are the key to change, how do we change our habits?
If you’ve already convinced yourself that improving your habits is an essential factor in reaching your New Year’s resolutions, you need to put yourself to work on that.

And for me, there was no better guide than Better than ever, by Gretchen Rubin (Better than Before, its original title in English).

The book has three conditions that I look for in self-help books or personal improvement: it is documented, it provides concrete tools that one can apply in everyday life and is entertaining. From the first chapter, I was able to start working on my routine, to have more productive days of work and improve my personal life.

Long-term happiness

Words like habits, routine or discipline sound boring and even depressing. But as Rubin explains in his book, they are tools that can help us live a fuller life. “For most of us, the real purpose is not to enjoy a few momentary pleasures, but to build habits that make us happy in the long term,” he says.

“Sometimes, that means leaving something in the present, or demanding more of ourselves.”

Another virtue of the book is that it does not offer a magic formula, but identifies solutions that work according to each personality type. For this, the author identifies four, according to our connection with internal and external expectations.

“The more we understand each other, the better the work we do when forming our habits,” says Rubin.

The book is full of anecdotes and testimonies from the author herself, her family and friends, and readers of her blog. And they give clues about thorny issues such as how long it takes to adopt a new habit, why there are routines that are easier to pass than others and how we self-boycott.

Rubin -author of Objective Happiness (The Happiness Project) – leaves us at the end that feeling of relief that there are solutions to change our habits. Even if we have not stopped failing in that. And to improve our lives and businesses profoundly and forever.

Better than ever it was published in 15 countries. And it appears in the lists of bestsellers of The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

For Gretchen Rubin, her work as a lawyer was good, but her true passion was and is to write. She is currently working professionally, collaborating with several newspapers, being the author of several books and maintaining her blog (in English).

On his website there are very good articles about happiness and how to get it, podcasts, resources to help you start your own happiness project, etc. If you defend yourself minimally with English, do not forget to visit the Gretchen Rubin website.