Book Review: Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky – Analysis and Summary

Barbara Delinsky BooksBlueprints: Confliction of Relationships

Barbara Delinsky is a famous feminist writer. Her writing has always encouraged a woman to fight for gaining own rights, deserving the proper place in the society, the females must have a good command over the available positions.

Blueprints are fantastic writing that can be a turning point by Barbara Delinsky. The book is about two women with the deep internal relationship and confliction between them.

The writer expresses the private family matters with words. The mastership of the author seen when she has written a parallel story. The simplicity of the novel is undoubtedly enjoyable by the reader’s society.

Mother and Daughter Together

The story starts with the inside confection of a mother and her daughter. Caroline MacAfee is a famous carpenter of the town. Her daughter, on the other hand, is a renowned architect. Caroline was hosting a show on the television.

The show was about launching her work and projects. To promote the products, she developed a relationship with the customers. She is well known for her courage and the brave to express own works in front of everyone in the town. But threatening was about to come in her life. This incident brings the second part of the novel in the eyesight.

Jamie for Hosting

As an Architect, Jamie was famous day by day. Suddenly she was crossing her fifty-six years old by the success. The producer of the television offered Jamie to replace her mother and be the host of the show. But Jamie was busy in raising her two years old step-brother.

Her fiancé left her alone. On the other side, Caroline was engaged to Dean. He was a friend since her husband went her. Being confused both of them; they found a way out of the life. This way concludes the novel tremendously.

Book Review

Blueprints are the first book that I have the fortune to read of this author; it has left me with an excellent impression, it is beautiful, full of emotions, Delinsky wholly dedicates to telling stories from the heart, it is passion and family at the same time.

The book grows with each step you take; it is like a painting that reveals a brushstroke at the same time in front of your eyes.

The best of the case is that the characters themselves give so much value to the novel, they are endearing, and you will reach miss them once you finish the trip.

The title of the work owes its reason to the family that owns it owns a company of construction, restoration, and sale of buildings, houses, buildings. Just as in life itself, plans must adapt to variable elements, which must overcome with intelligence.

This plot is the main storyline of the family that will have to overcome obstacles, adapting their plans as they advance together to give us a travel experience to the realization, full happiness, the gratification we all expect after struggling so much in life.

As for the characters, they are inevitably human, with defects and virtues, especially the mother-daughter relationship of Caroline and Jamie, where we continuously change sides depending on the situation, always looking to lay the foundations of a bridge of neutrality.

It is not a crazy problem; it is a communication crisis where both mother and daughter are dissatisfied with their lives and want to make changes, this leads to a tragedy that, for an improvement, helps to balance their perspective of what they have and what they can achieve.

Caroline takes the challenge of teaching Jamie the value of the family, especially since her family went through a divorce that broke her in half, while Jamie constantly wondered what his mother had done in that position.

Jamie due to his insecurity, he clings too much to the plans, this is a significant change that he must live because you can not plan all the things that happen in your life since the challenges are what show you that you are and which they are the limits that define you.

It is not a brilliant or perfect work; it is a little exaggerated in its sweetness, it inclines a lot in love as an ingredient to solving problems.

In another part, it takes seriously big topics such as the treatment of women, the passage of years, drastic changes, the ability to love and adapt to be happy.