Book Review: The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon

The best laid plans of mice and men quoteThe Best Laid Plans – ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold.’

The Best Laid Plans came out in 1997 is another collection of the Sidney Sheldon mystery/crime genre. It is a fast-paced and engaging story that combines the thirst for power, the revenge of betrayal and the destructions of warfare all in one plot.

Like any other story, this tale starts with the introduction of the main protagonist and other prominent characters.

In this case, we read through the personal diary of a woman named Leslie Stewart, who claims that she has found the man of her dreams and has made up her mind to marry him.

However, these feelings do not stay for long, as a series of events unfold that turn her life upside down.

Introduction of the main characters

Through the journal, revealed that Leslie met Oliver Russell through an attorney. Oliver is an up and coming politician who has ambitions to run for Governor and needs some help with the Public Relations affairs. Working together, Leslie and Oliver soon start to develop feelings for each other and get engaged.

A few days before the wedding, Oliver travels to Paris to tend to some business. And there he is made an offer he cannot refuse by the renowned senator, Todd Davis.

The senator proposes that if Oliver marries his daughter Jan, he will open his way towards the White House. Oliver agrees to these conditions and agrees to marry Jan immediately.

Leslie is devastated when she hears of this news but does not let her feelings get out of hand. She vows to take revenge from Oliver when he is most vulnerable and least expects it.

Leslie’s rise and War in Bosnia

As a token of appreciation Todd introduces her to a wealthy newspaper owner. Soon after their introduction, Leslie marries the owner and starts to manage her husband’s empire; this is because her husband remains ill most of the times and expires not long after their marriage.

In the meanwhile, a young reporter by the name of Dana Evans rises to prominence because of her daring feats as a journalist in the war-stricken Sarajevo.

There she meets an orphan boy and is moved by his condition. So she tries to help him and manages to get her to safety. However, she gets sentenced to jail on espionage charges in Bosnia. Back in the US, Oliver, who is now the President, arranges for the release and return of Dana back to the US.

Leslie’s Revenge and the Final Twist

A thankful Dana believes that she owes a lot to the President for what he did for her and soon starts working for him in the capacity of the White House correspondent. Then follows a series of deaths of people who had consumed a drug by the name of Liquid Ecstasy.

Leslie realizes that it is the same drug that she was once asked to be taken by Oliver. And so she becomes convinced that Oliver is the man after these deaths and immediately prints the news of his arrest in her newspapers, although no formal statements by the police made in this regard.

It all makes up for an exciting and gripping finale as Dana starts her investigation into the matter to unmask the real killer while the President has his skeletons in the closet.

Book Review

It has that entanglement between politics and the media, as well as an injured woman who intends to ruin the man who hurt her and does not care who she treads or what she has to do to achieve revenge that she has been planning for years. That character who is Leslie in the first part of the book falls well, is successful, beautiful and intelligent and when it happens Oliver’s everything seemed too lovely to be real and indeed, for the benefit of some people Leslie comes out paying for the broken plates of fall in love with a politician.

For his part Oliver did not graduate me a bit, he’s the kind of character who does not do anything when he’s against the wall because something may get from threats or warnings. I just did not like his attitude at all, and when the story is developing I thought he was a real fool for everything he did, but it’s the magic of the book, to make you believe something and before everything ends it turns 360 degrees to surprise you completely.

The second half of the book I read it in one night, was when I could not stop reading, there was a combination of stories that at first seemed to have no feet or head, but all end up interacting in one way or another and when the end comes everything falls in the right places.

Although I think that Leslie deserved something better than just dedicating herself to revenge in which she gave too much importance to a man who maybe loved her, but with all her attitudes to me no one hurts me anymore, ends up being a character that you feel pity.

Before finishing, I thought that there would be divine justice and everyone would be happy as it should have happened.

But I repeat that the author surprises with everything that changes things, I like that a lot because for more than half you believe a word and suddenly it changes you the situation to improve it and not stop reading until you finish it.

I highly recommend it because it is addictive and the plot is interesting, entertaining and because the characters manage to make them love or admire but also make you want to hit them.

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