Percy Jackson Series and Graphic Novel: Review and Summary

Mind-blowing Fantasy Novel Series: “Percy Jackson”

Percy Jackson book seriesPercy Jackson is the short name of the popular novel series named “Percy Jackson & The Olympians.”

It is a great fantasy thriller series based on the mythology of Greek.

The widely famous author Rick Riordan writes this adventurous and fictitious novel series.

Total five books published in this novel series. Over 20 million copies of these books sold, and the books are available in 35 countries. The writings published from 2005 to 2009.

This novel series was ranked top of the bestselling books of New York Times for 223 weeks. A film named “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” made on the plot of this book series in 2010. Another film on this series released in 2013 titled as “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.”

Pe.”y Jackson Book Series List:

Percy Jackson series encompasses five books in total. Let’s learn something about the books of this series.

The Lightning Thief

This book released on 28th June 2005, and it is the very first book of this novel series. In all of the novels of this series, Percy Jackson is the main protagonist.

He is a demigod, and his father is the sea-god, Poseidon. In this novel, Percy Jackson had to travel through the underworld to rescue her mother Sally from the prison of Hades. Hedis is the god of death, and he controls the hell. He captivated Sally for getting the lightning blot from Percy.

Everyone assumed that Percy Jackson had stolen the lightning bolt of Jesus. But, in reality, Luke- the half-blood son of Hermes took the lightning bolt in the greed for power. At the last moment of the novel, Percy had a duel with Luke, and he defeated Luke and returned the Lightning bolt to Jesus.

The Sea of Monsters

This book released on 1st April 2006. In this novel, Percy came to know that he has another brother named Tyson. Percy became disturbed when he found that his brother is a Cyclops. Someone poisoned Thalia’s tree that used to protect the camp from the monster attack from outside.

So Percy was headed to a quest of finding the Golden Fleece to heal the tree.

In this quest, Percy and his friends had to go through the Cyclops’ cave and the stomach of the sea monster. At last, he found a great brother as well as the Golden Fleece.

The Titan’s Curse

Percy, Grover, Thalia, and Annabeth were set for a rescue mission to rescue Nico di Angelo and Bianca. But, they got attacked by the Manticore. Goddess Artemis saved them from the Manticore. But, in the attempt to defeat the Manticore, Annabeth fell over a cliff.

If there is a before and an after in the saga of Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus, it would undoubtedly be in this book. I will not say it is the best of the five since in my ranking that position belongs to the next but, ultimately, The Curse of the Titan is the book that hooked me most of the saga: the poor did not last me more than 24 hours.

Although the first two novels I liked a lot, and the thing already pointed to ways, this was the first book in the series to get excited.

Percy Jackson went up one step with this installment, and it is at this point that I started to consider it one of the most entertaining fantasy sagas I’ve read.

The book maintains its doses of humor, so characteristic, and that frenetic pace where something is always happening. However, it is also true that in this novel the story devotes more time to pauses and allows the reader to reflect on what is happening.

We are no longer in the introduction of the saga, this chapter belongs to the knot and that, explorers, it shows.

The premise, the least interesting
I admit, when I started reading it the premise itself did not seem like anything to me: the protagonists join the hunters of Artemis in the search for their goddess, leaving Percy, this time, out of the mission.

But we are talking about Percy Jackson, and if you think that he is going to stay so vast in the Mixed Camp when it is Annabeth’s life that he is in danger, you have not paid attention. But let’s go in parts.

Despite this, the beginning of this book was the best start of this saga: that mission attended by Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia due to the call of Grover in boarding school Westover Hall, with its sinister towers and the battle against the manticore, seemed to me most exciting.

Also because this is where the Di Angelo brothers introduced: Bianca and Nico, two characters that will give a lot to talk about in this and the next installments.

Something that characterizes this saga (as I mentioned in previous reviews) are the plot twists that presented at the end of each book. If in the second we witnessed the return of Thalia (daughter of Zeus), in this installment Riordan plays with an even more impressive turn, causing the reader to feel an infinite desire to acquire the fourth book.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Percy and Annabeth found a doorway to the Labyrinth in the camp. Percy came to know that Luke might use the entrance to go into the center of the field with his army for a battle. The responsibility fell upon Annabeth to prevent the entry of Luke’s command through the entrance. She took Percy, Tyson, and Grover with her in this mission.

Percy Jackson maintains his sympathy and grace that characterizes him.

His evolution and maturity is quite noticeable in his way of acting and acting when things twist in a mission, and I like that, but I also want that Annabeth and Grover are always there for him and to sustain him when the situation turns most disastrous.

I love the friendship of these three characters and is bulletproof.

Annabeth returns to have more prominence in this book, and I liked to see her more vulnerable side. Your feelings are on the skin. Luke’s situation leaves her helpless and hurt. One of his best friends has disappeared and has wholly succumbed to Cronos and will have a hard time accepting it.

Also, the arrival of another character will make his feelings towards Percy more visible.

Grover and Tyson are my favorite characters. Without them, the saga would lose a lot, and I enjoy their moments as a little girl.

On the other hand, we meet again with Nico Di Angelo, a character whose real identity, revealed at the end of the previous book, did not predict anything good for the prophecy and Percy.

However, in this installment, despite starting his somewhat beaten path, he has ended up becoming an excellent ally to fight Cronos, and much more focused than in the beginning. Let’s hope things continue like this.

Rick Riordan never ceases to amaze me with his pen, with pure sight, and with an incredible ability to introduce us to history and Greek mythology. The mixture of reality with scenes and fantastic landscapes continues to leave me with my mouth open, and I love being able to imagine everything as it is in my head.

The Last Olympian

It is the last book of the Percy Jackson series. In this novel, Percy had to combat with Kronos to defeat him and to fulfill the Great Prophecy.

With The Last Hero of Olympus Rick Riordan has unfolded all his magic and has developed magic and perfect saga ending. I think you could not ask for a different outcome and it has fulfilled.

It has given the reader intrigue, mystery, mythology, humor, adventures, surprising twists and a lot, but that a lot of action. If constant movement already characterized the previous books, in this last installment, we will see four times as usual and keep us in tension and eager to read a print run.

The pace is hectic from the first chapter, and there is no time for rest. Our protagonists suffer and fight without stopping; they have not finished annihilating a threat when the next one is already sticking its jaws around the corner, making the reader go crazy for reading, for discovering how the enemy’s next stake will end.

Even more, how can a group of no more than 40 half-blood emerge victorious from a battle against the most powerful being of Olympus and its horde of mythological creatures?

The thickness of the plot encompassed by the epic battle as well as the evolution of the fateful and feared the prophecy that looms over Percy, and that will be crucial to tip the final balance in favor or against the Gods of Olympus.

But we will also find secondary plots, such as Luke’s past, Rachel’s life and the story of some other God of Olympus.

All this will allow us to tie things together, close subframes and understand the reasons for the different quarrels between some Olympians, as well as the actions of the various gods facing their half-blood children.

In the end, proved that this fantasy novel series is lovely and mind-blowing.