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Frederick Forsyth Books and Biography

Unleashing the dogs of war: understanding Frederick Forsyth If a political commentator joins hands with the art of crime fiction and storytelling, the resultant effect is going to be nothing short of a literary extravaganza. That is precisely what Frederick Forsyth has been trying to mark up in his literary endeavors. The English author who was born on… Read More »

Charles Dickens Short Biography and Summary

Charles Dickens: The Greatest English Writer Early life Charles Dickens was born on February 7th of 1810 to John and Elizabeth Dickens. He was the 2nd child out of eight siblings. His father worked as a clerk at the Navy Pay Office. They moved from Charles’s birthplace; Landport, Portsmouth in 1814 to London. Charles spent his early years… Read More »

Biography of David Baldacci, Facts and Books

Touching the chord of human life: looking Back to David Baldacci “Her face. And her body. Her father had often commented on that attribute too. Voluptuous, full figured, he had described it, as though it was an entity distinct from her…”  David Baldacci (The Winner).  The most accurate description of David Baldacci for you. Intense, crisp, and the… Read More »

James Dashner Biography

About James Dashner James Dashner is the celebrated author of the critically acclaimed science-fiction series, The Maze Runner. He was born on November 26, 1972, in Austell, Georgia. James has five siblings. After completing his primary education, he got admission in the Brigham Young University in Utah. Here he completed his Master’s Degree in Accounting. James started his… Read More »