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The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin PDF: Review and Summary

Evolution: The Origin of Species The Origin of Species is a book written by renowned English naturalist, Charles Darwin. This book is one of the most important pieces of literature in the scientific history. Many of the concepts of evolutionary biology based on the findings of Mr. Darwin and the book contains a detailed account of all the… Read More »

The Selfish Gene PDF by Richard Dawkins: Summary and Review

The Selfish Gene: Blueprint of Animal Behavior Richard Dawkins, who is famous for his theoretical writings, started his journalism by publishing “The Selfish Gene.” This book happened to be the bestseller in its first edition. The book explains Darwinism in some different forms which Darwin did not choose. Richard Dawkins took the responsibility of creating an outer form… Read More »

Dawkins Evolution: The Blind Watchmaker PDF/EPUB, Review and Summary

The Blind Watchmaker: Evolution Reveals The Blind Watchmaker is an explaining book, written by Richard Dawkins. It explains the evolution thesis of Robert Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. Firstly it was a mystery of the origin of species on earth. With so many consequences and transformation, evolution has got a space described. Richard Dawkins has made himself… Read More »