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Book Review: Thunderstruck by Erik Larson Summary

Thunderstruck: A Parallel World Eric Larson is a mystery writer. He likes to create mystery and adventure in his writings. His books contain suspense and thriller together. Even with a little information, he can create an elaborate image for the readers. That is the reason; his audiences are fond of him. The author can mix up different tastes… Read More »

Book Review: Killing Patton – The Famous Assassination of World War II

A Great Book on the Famous Assassination of World War II: “Killing Patton” This famous book is based on the death of the famous brave General George Patton. The main purpose of this book was to find out whether the death was an assassination or an accident. It is one of the follow-up books of the assassination series… Read More »

Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General

The Strange Death of World War II’s most Audacious General- Mixing politics with literary effects For the umpteenth number of times, we have scoured the edges and the inside patterns of the Second World War to find out the discrepancies in the human situations and locate as well as dislocating the characters of war, political unrest, survival, ravages,… Read More »

Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See Review: A Novel By Anthony Doerr

Light as a tune and metaphor- reviewing All the Light We Cannot See The cover page of the Scribner Publication version of All the Light We Cannot See presents a curious mixture of navy blue, azure, and sky blue color mixed with a grayish tinge which fades into the distant horizon. As far as the ‘light’ of our… Read More »

Dawkins Evolution: The Blind Watchmaker PDF/EPUB, Review and Summary

The Blind Watchmaker: Evolution Reveals The Blind Watchmaker is an explaining book, written by Richard Dawkins. It explains the evolution thesis of Robert Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace. Firstly it was a mystery of the origin of species on earth. With so many consequences and transformation, evolution has got a space described. Richard Dawkins has made himself… Read More »