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John Stuart Mill: On Liberty Is a Great Ebook in PDF

Review and Summary: On Liberty by John Stuart Mill in PDF Summary: “On Liberty” is another book on the utilitarian theory and its fundamentals. Mill discusses the various aspects of individuality and freedom of the human nature. One of the primary topics addressed by the author is the appreciation for diversity in the society. He believes that social pressure… Read More »

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins: Review and Summary

The God Delusion: Book that frees your mind Richard Dawkins has already been famous for his works on various hypotheses. In the book named “The God Delusion” raises the voice supporting a fear-free world. The book contains the chain of slavery in our mind. Richard Dawkins has clarified the concept of the God in several chapters. The God… Read More »

John Stuart Mill, Utilitarianism PDF: : Review and Summary

Utilitarianism by John Stuart Mill Summary Utilitarianism is a collection of a series of articles and essays written by the British philosopher John Stuart Mill. The purpose of this book was to put forward the principles and the theories surrounding utilitarianism. The book divided into five main sections. Through the first two parts, Mill tries to outline the basic… Read More »

Book Review: Meditations By Marcus Aurelius PDF – Analysis and Summary

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: Review and Summary Meditations is a collection of the works of Marcus Aurelius. His writings and ideas as discussed in this compilation are considered to be the basis of the Stoic philosophy. The Roman Emperor wrote around 12 books over the course of his life. Historians suggest that it is unclear whether the books… Read More »

Speak to Us of Love By Osho: Review and Summary

Speak to Us of Love By Osho: Book Review Speak to us of love is a book by the renowned Indian writer, Osho. This book is a reflection of some of the most important literary works of Khalil Jibran. The writer draws inspiration primarily from “The Prophet” and embarks upon a journey where he shares with the readers,… Read More »