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The Blue Ocean Strategy PDF Book: From Theory to Practice

Understanding management and analytical potential through the Blue Ocean Strategy Renee Mauborgne discusses the effects of the Blue Ocean theory in locating potential markets, determining the growth areas of the market, and in reciprocating the individual and collective competitive price ranges. The book Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market space and make the Competition Irrelevant is… Read More »

The Book of Five Rings PDF – Miyamoto Musashi: Review and Summary

Summary of The Book of 5 Rings During the years of the Kyoto Renaissance, Miyamoto Musashi became famous for his feats in Kenjutsu (Japanese style of swordsmanship) and Martial Arts, upon which he has based this book on serving as a beacon of light for all his followers. Each chapter reflects upon what he believed to be the “Elements of… Read More »