Book Review: Piranha by Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler PiranhaPiranha: Lost and Found

Clive Cussler is back with his bestselling series the Oregon Files. The Piranha is the tenth contribution to this list. The author continues his writing with an unimaginable theory. The total dimension of the book is just outstanding.

The critics have always praised the style of Clive Cussler. As for an adventure writing, Piranha is different in some aspect. There is a mixing of science fiction and crime in this book.

The reader will have to complete the book in a single sitting for getting the best outcome from it. There are a lot of surprise and twists in this book. The story will turn to a breakthrough in every page. This effort of the author surely deserves admiration.

Volcano Attack and the German Scientist

The original story based on the year of 1902. There was a volcano flood in Mount Pelee. It washed away the island as well as a ship. The ship equipped with a nearly finished weapon.

A German scientist designed this weapon, keeping this background on the count, the story goes on. Juan Cabrillo and his Oregon team are on a mission to find the sunken ship. But there was a little hope of getting them alright in the boat.

Followed by the American Stalker

When Cabrillo was close enough to the weapon, he lost it because of an American stalker. The American developed the gun and created it as a threat to the world. To save the world, Oregon once again settled their course. A massive fight took place where Juan Cabrillo almost murdered.

Betting own life at risk, he saved the world as well as his dear ones. The story comes to an end with the invention of a helpful tool by that German scientist.

Book Review

This book is a fascinating piece, its beginning is very naive, a bit simplistic describing how Oregon infiltrates a port with a false identity like its captain, achieving its goal without much effort which is only a passing event, but then things will warm up in the blink of an eye.

His strategy is revealed by an admiral of corrupt Venezuelan origin, which puts all the crew in imminent danger, it’s fun as from one moment to another we go from a regular mission to an absurd and exaggerated threat level that freezes the nerves of the tension present in the narrative.

In its first pages, we present with a very rational, realistic Cussler, without getting too far away from the possibilities. The character of the corrupt admiral is very credible, his political motivation to overthrow an opponent is natural, even makes you ask what is the right side of the story, as it can have two versions.

But as expected, comes to the subject information that nobody knows, as the admiral mysteriously, knows details of the crew that even in the end we do not know where they came from, the fiction hits us with a lot of elements that Piranha has prepared to tell us.

As Cussler continues he gets into the paranormal terrain, but he brings us back to earth with some rescues and shootings, it’s not annoying; it’s an exciting book, an excellent addition to the saga, a plot worthy of James Bond against the villain that threatens world security.

It is a feast for faithful readers of fiction and adventure literature; there are new technologies, intrepid heroes, crazy but useful strategies, testosterone in every rule, impossible tools out of the most secret laboratory and the most demented mind, it is incredibly dangerous the things that they expose.

But it’s okay, delicious while doing the prominent role; the cast is bizarre, brilliant, characters like Dirk Pitt, Juan Cabrillo, alias the president who is always the most intelligent, dominant, the typical movie hero, only surpassed by Clive Cussler, our protagonist in Piranha.

The Doctor is the typical villain Bond, cunning, despicable, prepared with an evil plan for each action of our heroes to make his way more impossible; you will end up hating him.

The descriptions in the costumes, the scenes, is vibrant for the visualization of the reader, it would not bother a cinematographic adaptation of the same since it can offer a possibly rewarding experience for the public.

Impossible situations, horrible villains, brave heroes, in Piranha we have a banquet of plot twists, unexpected events that will keep anyone stuck to their pages, it is a book highly recommended for its load of free action.