Book Review: Find Me by Laurelin Paige (The Found Duet, #2)

Laurelin Paige - Find Me SummaryFind Me: The Ending

Laurelin Paige is a master of emotional writing.

Her books always filled with a bucket of emotion and feelings. Find Me is the second and last deliverance of the series of the Found Duet. It is also the concluding part where Gwen and JC meet up once again for a new life.

But this meeting was not decided and from the introductory part of the book. The sentences that the writer has used are so simple to understand. The dialogues are mostly in the narrative where Gwen will be found livelier.

Unlike the previous deliverance, Find me has no scope for confusion. A mystery and affection will be in every turning page of the book.

Fresh Start

Find Me has two important phases. The first one connected adequately with Gwen. Her life was horrifying. All she wanted is to start fresh again, this is the reason Gwen Anders shifted her life to the Sky Launch. She found her life speeded with its pace.

In her working place, she met with Alayna Withers. She was a companion who could give Gwen such a relief. Hudson Pierce was also friendlier with Gwen. She started to feel at home once again.

But the previous incidents of her life did not let her relax. She was in a fix of returning in her past once more. But when she felt herself fit in the place, it started to disappear eventually.

Lusting for JC

JC was the most lovable person in Gwen’s life. She wanted him back, but could not break her ego. This problematic situation created a diversion of their communications. JC gave all the freedom that Gwen wanted. At the end of the story, they found each other. The unusual love story comes to an end with a comforting feeling.

Within romantic literature, there are numerous authors who, at this time, are achieving great success around the world. However, among all of them, there is one that has become a reference among readers of that genre, thanks not to a single novel but to three, which give shape to your saga. You are my addiction.

We are referring to Laurelin Paige, an American pen that, little by little, has managed to fall in love with their stories and their characters to a significant number of men and women, especially from their country and the United Kingdom.

He has achieved this through this trilogy that reaches the heart and the most profound feelings of those who have enjoyed it:

Addicted to You

The first installment of the saga is this, which stars Alayna Withers. She is a woman who has a complicated past because when she falls in love or hooks, someone develops a compulsive disorder and harassing that have led to having to deal with restraining orders.

However, now he finds himself in a quiet moment of his life because, after completing a master’s degree in Business Administration, he is working in a club where he hopes to ascend and see his dreams come true.

But soon fate has prepared a severe test for him. And he is that the place passes into the hands of a new owner, Hudson Pierce, a very handsome and wealthy man. Soon the attraction between them will arise and, although Alayna will try not to fall into temptation, it will be inevitable that the passion becomes a reality.

This way will be how they will begin to know each other and discover that neither of them has a spotless past, this can cause real chaos or shape the board of salvation needed to move their ghosts away.

Lost in you

This novel by Laurelin Paige is the second novel that gives form to the trilogy. In it, the reader discovers that Alayna and Hudson go ahead with their relationship. Sex seems to be the primary link that unites them. However, she is willing to be sustained in many other pillars.

For that reason, he will get in touch with the woman who was about to marry him. And that will be how he will discover a whole series of secrets that he did not know. These are facts that can ruin your love-passion, or that can strengthen the bonds that bind you.

Forever with you. The romantic and erotic saga that concerns us closes with this book in which the protagonists will live their most challenging moment.

What will happen is that both have proposed to continue with their relationship and for that they have agreed to blindly trust each other, not letting jealousy drags themselves and leaving aside the turbulent past they have.