Book Review: Beautiful Sacrifice, A Novel by Jamie McGuire

Beautiful sacrifice book Summary“Beautiful Sacrifice”: An Impeccable Novel of Contemporary Genre

“Beautiful Sacrifice” is a beautiful novel of romance and contemporary psychology and life of people around the world. This novel, written by famous writer Jamie McGuire appeared before the readers in 31st May 2015, ranked as the top rated and best-selling books by the New York Times.

The theme of the Series

The story of this novel is encircling the life of a callous girl who can leave everything without consideration. Falyn Fairchild is the main protagonist of this novel, and she is the ruthless girl who can walk away from everything she loved once. She left her favourite car behind. She went her education in a midway.

Even she left her parents on the way of her life. Her father is the next governor of the Colorado state. Falyn is a vagabond type girl who never settled down in one place.

Every time, after shifting from a place she used to save some money to get back to her birthplace Eakins, Illinois. Because she knew that was the only place where she can get some peace and forgiveness.

At last, she came back to her hometown, and she was sitting one corner of the Bucksaw Café. That moment she saw Taylor Maddox for the first time. At first sight, she realised that he is a problem and nothing more than trouble. Taylor is a good-looking, gorgeous and charming guy who never keeps promises.

Taylor’s mind was full of filth. So, Falyn was not interested in being another prey of him. But, Taylor took it as a challenge to win the heart of Falyn. But, in the end, Falyn also left Taylor and Taylor became the loser who got burned this time.

Book Review

Since I started reading it, it was a very fluid reading, the narrative and the development are very good and quite light, you could finish reading it in a matter of days (that was not my case, due to lack of time).

In the beginning, I fell very well Falyn, for his spontaneous personality, crazy and too sincere, with sincere I mean he tells you your truths in your face, bluntly, or taboos and cannot stand anyone’s shit (as Tyler says hehe).

As he progressed, he began to disrupt his attitude, why so much mystery?

What was so sorry that he had done? I will be honest, I believed her responsible for the death of someone, but when I knew that she had abandoned her daughter bothered me a lot, and the first thing I thought was “what a great whore”.

But I kept reading and understood that the great whore is her mom; propose to your daughter to give her baby.

Her granddaughter for adoption because according to her the baby was only going to ruin her life, you have to be a big bitch whore to his size her daughter as a serpent in your ear.

My resolution of Blair (Falyn’s mother, if that can be called mother) is: that she is a selfish being, she does not know how to love someone other than herself.

The only thing that matters is her physical and material well-being, and if something or someone gets in the way, it will get rid of it.

I remember what Blair told Falyn to finish convincing her was: “It’s called sacrifice, it’s the most loving thing you can do for her”, that comment called my attention because the human being talks about what he knows.

I get the impression that she got rid of a first daughter to get to where she is, but I leave that to her imagination.

Returning to Falyn, she was and is a fool; I do not say that she is not guilty because she is. To be sterile was her punishment for giving her daughter up for adoption, for having been so cowardly not to fight for her. But according to the crime, it is the time that the punishment lasts, and sometimes you are given the option to redeem yourself.

I liked Taylor very much; I loved him with every word he said, as I read I loved him even more.
His willingness to help Falyn without having any idea what it was about, moved me a lot.

He always showed her that he was willing to sacrifice everything for her, and yet Falyn hesitated, doing everything possible to get Taylor to leave her and unhinged me, that attitude almost led her to lose him.

She practically ran it, forced him to take some time and think better if he wanted to sacrifice having a family to be with her.

He could have left when she told him he was sterile, instead of helping her to redeem herself so that she could spend a morning with her daughter, to know her and to remain in her memories (even though the girl does not know that it is her mother), as she wanted.

Thanks to her running, Taylor went to relieve himself in the best way that most men know, went to get drunk and had sex with another. In my opinion, Falyn was to blame. With that attitude, she was the one who pushed him into the arms of the other. To the months Alyssa communicates with Taylor to say to him that she is pregnant.

Falyn does not want to adopt, much less take care of Taylor’s son with another woman. I understand that Falyn felt when I cheated on her with another woman, it seemed reasonable to me that both will accept their part of the guilt in all this and try to recover their relationship.

I also understand her feelings when she found out that the man she loves embarrassed another; but for her, it is even worse, since she can not have children and apparently life, destiny or karma (as you want to say) is very cruel and ironic putting her in this situation.

Alyssa gives him two options: 1 he stays baby or 2 she gives it up for adoption, Taylor decides to stay with her son, and Falyn leaves him. He was willing to sacrifice everything for her, and he could not do it for him once, really !? the woman almost had to lose him in a fire to change his mind.

That Taylor impregnated another she saw part of his punishment (although he knew he was partly to blame), also out of fear, selfishness and cowardice; I saw it as part of his redemption and the first step to his happiness.

In the end, I think she understood it; I accept Taylor’s marriage proposal, she is a mother for the son of his son, they pardoned her granting her to get pregnant with Taylor, giving birth to a beautiful girl.


Jamie McGuire this time did not disappoint me since I’ll be honest I expected more from Beautiful Oblivion, and I expected more from Thomas.

Jamie McGuire Short Biography

Accessible and contemporary author Jamie McGuire was born on 6th November 1978. Her birthplace is Tulsa in Oklahoma, USA. She is an expert and extraordinary writer in the fields of paranormal, science fiction, romance and contemporary issue genre.

She completed her high school graduation from the Northern Oklahoma College. She also attended the University of Central Oklahoma. She achieved her graduate degree in Radiography from Autry Technology Center.

Jamie is the successful creator of many best-seller books. A book written by her named “Beautiful Disaster” was ranked the top of the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists.

Another book named “Walking Disaster” was also achieved so much popularity and acceptance as the previous one. It was also the best selling book according to the New York Times bestseller book lists.

Among the other writings of her, “Red Hill” and “apocalyptic thriller” are remarkable. She also wrote a young paranormal romance story named “the Providence series” which is also a unique creation in the realm of romance.

“Apolonia” is another excellent novel written by her on the subject of dark science fiction romance. Thus, many creations by her are widely accessible and appreciated worldwide.

About personal life, Jamie McGuire is very down to earth. She lives with her husband and three kids on a ranch in Oklahoma.

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