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Book Review and Summary

House rules novel review‘House Rules’ by Jodi Picoult is a tale of how society treats people who deviate even a little from normal. It spins a story rich with facts and details, a story about a family and how they deal with autism.

It also focuses on the fact that our entire society, including our law enforcing agencies, cater for people who function in a specific way; and are completely lousy for the people who don’t. It is a tale of a family that it was encouraged into the spotlight, despite their utmost efforts to avoid it.

It tells of the intolerance, and the misunderstandings society has towards things it does not fully comprehend. This book is about a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who has to clarify to the world that the symptoms he displays aren’t necessarily guilting over a murder he allegedly committed.

House Rules, Plot:

Jacob Hunt is an 18-year-old with Asperger’s Syndrome. He lives with his mom and his younger brother; Emma and Theo Hunt. His entire life needs to be planned out. Otherwise, he gets anxious. So, Emma writes down some “House Rules” for him, which are mainly ‘Clean up your messes, tell the truth, brush your teeth twice a day, don’t be late for school, and take care of your brother; he’s the only one you’ve got.’

He is unable to communicate very well with people, but his subject of interest is forensic analysis. He usually shows up on crime scenes and advises the cops on what to do next, and often he is right. Then suddenly, his social skills tutor, Jess Ogilvy, is murdered. The police mistake the symptoms of the Syndrome as guilt.

It finally turns out that his younger brother, Theo, who thinks of himself as a rebel, used to break into houses. One of these homes happened to be the house Jess was house-sitting. Startled, she accidentally hit her head on the sink and died.

To protect his younger brother, as stated in the rules, Jacob used his legal knowledge and made it seem as if Jess’s boyfriend, Mark Maguire, was guilty of the murder.

He later confesses to doing so, but he also states that he did that only to protect his brother and wouldn’t hesitate to do so in the future as well.

Full of Emotions

This book, while boasting a marvelous storyline, is also a complete emotional roller coaster. The author showcased the feelings of the characters using multiple perspectives correctly.

The scattered thoughts of Jacob, the cautious nature of Emma and the rebel inside of Theo is brought out to the readers naturally and quickly. Reading it from the characters’ perspective makes it much easier to relate.

Picoult’s characters are well-developed and very easy to relate. The story is told from the perspectives of various aspects so that we, as the readers, can get inside their minds and begin to understand the reasons for all their actions.

Jacob is guilty of murdering someone, some of his autistic habits cause him to appear guilty, and as the trial went on, the reader starts to get more and more nervous for him. Picoult knows how to get her readers emotionally involved in her writing.

House Rules Jodi Picoult Ending

This book also highlights the love of a brother for the other. Jacob went to insane limits to protect his younger brother. This story shows how the family and Jacob himself, struggle with his disability. It focuses on the aspect of society where it provides all the facilities and is outstanding for ordinary people but not so much for the people who are not regular; in one way or another.


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