Book Review and Summary: Picture Perfect PDF by Jodi Picoult

A Magnificent Novel of an Imperfect Story: “Picture Perfect”

Jodi Picoult novel picture perfectLife is always not so perfect, though it seems like perfect. “Picture Perfect” is such a novel that describes the essence of imperfection in the life of a family through the members own a lot of love for each-other. Familiar American author Jodi Picoult wrote picture Perfect and published in April 1995.

A theme of the Book:

It’s a story of a famous female anthropologist named Cassie Barrett. At the very beginning of the novel, you will see her wake up on the top of a grave, and you will find that she is suffering from deep Amnesia.

Who is Cassie Barrett?

Cassie Barrett is the wife of a Hollywood celebrity named Alex Rivers. From the story, you will get to know that though Alex loves her wife Cassie a lot, he uses to abuse her physically. Often Alex beat Cassie brutally, and after that, he uses to beg for her pardon. And this all aspect is shown in the novel as the flashback to the past.

Why Did Cassie Run Away from Home?

Present scene of the novel starts from Cassie’s finding of her lying on the top of a grave. She could not remember anything of what happened to her and how did she reach there at that moment. Will Flying Horse, a police officer of Los Angeles rescues her and sends her back to her Husband Alex. Yet she could not remember anything of her past.

She returned to her Bel Air mansion, and she starts to think her a life as a picture-perfect life. But, as times passes on, she retrieves her memory, and she could remember the abusive nature of her husband that gave her a lot of pain. She also could forget the reason for her running away from home.

She was pregnant, and she fled to protect her unborn child from her brutal husband Alex. So, she again runs away from home and goes to Will for the hope of getting help. Will helps her to get shelter on the Lakota reservation in South Dakota.

How Life of Alex Goes on without Cassie?

Meanwhile, Alex wins three Oscars. Despite winning the Oscars, he feels so alone without Cassie; this was not to be real. He has everything except Cassie. But, this emptiness of not having Cassie starts to feel more significant than the happiness of achieving every other thing to him. Also, the news, of Cassie’s disappearance begins to affect his fame and position.

What is Waiting Next?

Cassie gives birth to a baby-boy, Connor and she lets it know to Alex. She says that she had only left home to protect their son and there is no other reason. She is not ready to return home. But, she mentions two conditions to be filled by Alex if he wants her back to home.

Those were- Alex will meet a therapist, and he will never beat Cassie again. Alex agrees with all conditions of Cassie to take her back to home.

Repetition of Old-days:

The brutality of Alex of Old days gets back when he hears the rumor about the paternity of Connor, and he stops to go to therapy and starts to beat Cassie again. After sometimes of beating Cassie, he approaches her to beg her pardon. Cassie sees that Alex will not change and so, she cannot live with him anymore though she loves him a lot.

What Will Cassie Do?

In spite of her love to Alex, Cassie decides to get divorced. So, she arranges a press conference to announce that she is going to divorce Alex due to his extreme cruelty. No wonder, Alex shatters hearing the news. But, he left no option for Cassie to return to him.

So, Picture perfect is such a novel that shows the difference between having all and seems to have all. No wonder, readers will enjoy to read it.

Author’s Biography

She has a degree in Creative Writing from Princeton University and also a Masters in Education from Harvard University. He has published fourteen novels. In 2003 he received the New England Book award in the fiction category for his entire career.

He has also received, among others, the Alex Award from the Young Adult Library Services Association, the Book Browse Diamond and the Lifetime Achievement of the Romance Writers of America.

According to The New York Times, which has it on the list of its most successful authors, «Jodi Picoult is a solid and passionate writer». She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.

His books focus on family relationships, friendship, and love, with the aim of raising and elucidating ethical issues and current issues that encourage the reader to reflect during the reading and after it has been finalized.