The Colony PDF eBook by John Davis: Book Review and Summary

The colony by John Davis

The colony is a science fiction that is closer to reality. It is kind of crossover between sci-fi and supernatural because it deals with ‘mythical demons’. This book is short but has an amazing end. But it is like a B-movie you watched late night on the cable. It is engaging, but is easy to forget. It is a great time pass but not the inspirational kind of book that stays with you forever. It is fast paced which makes it a good one time read. The negative point is the many sentence fragments; they make it hard to read it.

The Colony Plot

John Davis The Colony BookThe story starts when Lieutenant Jack Strong and his team attend a distress call from a remote colony. They find a group of survivors, who they have to defend. Then, things quickly go south because they have to fight the mythical demons. The demons also happen to be aliens! There is military action and war. The great thing about this story is that it defies most of the stereotypes related to war or military novels.

The stereotypes being talked about include; a hero who everyone falls for, a dashing girl waiting to be rescued, and aliens. The plot of the novel is of the same genre, but is unique and you will find it surprisingly new and original. But the events are still oddly familiar, like a long lost friend.

Most Sci-Fi’s are really complicated and hard to get. But this one is one simple, short, humble book that is completely one cover to the other. The writer has not complicated his world beyond the need of the plot. The canvas for sci-fi is laid down within the boundary of the characters and the storyline.

Minus points

The plot is simple and humble but this book has its own flaws. The first is that it is not written coherently at all. There are messed up sentence structures and grammatical errors. These get really annoying if you are looking for a quality read to smile too. The second is that, for a sci-fi novel, it contains very little sci-fi references. A true Sci-fi buff knows where a reference should have been used when he reads a book. In this respect this book was disappointing. The thing that I found most annoying is the repetition of words. Shear clumsiness has been shown by using words like “Marine Corps” over and over again.

It is almost hard to believe for me that the wrier published a whole series of these. The fact is that it is a fine weekend book, but not one that would make you wants more. Once you read it, you are done with it, you don’t want more parts.

The war and violence is not violent enough for a sci-fi. There are books that make you cry during wartime, or at least develop some sincerity towards one or two characters so you pray that they live. But these scenes of war are bland. The lack of deep emotion is a big drawback.

All in all, this book is good if you want to kill some time. In other words, it is a good B-movie, but is, in no way a blockbuster. If you are looking for a book that has it all, this is not it.