Book Review and Summary – Theodore Boone: The Abduction PDF by John Grisham

Another Exciting Book of the Theodore Boone Series: “The Abduction”

John Grisham theodore boone the abduction“The Abduction” is the second book of the Theodore Boone Series, and it is also as much as exciting as the previous one. The story of this book is on abduction. John Grisham has written this book for mainly the teenagers of eleven to thirteen years old.

This book is full of suspense and adventure.

This book contains some strong topics and contents for them as well. The story came out on June 7, 2011.

Theme of the Book:

The novel starts with the disappearance of the best friend of Theodore Boone, April Finnemore. The story of the novel approaches with the mystery of the disappearance.

Where Did April Go?

Theodore Boone gets shocked when he learns about the news of April’s disappearance. It is shocking that April is in her bedroom in the deep-down of the night. Nobody has any clue of what happened to her and where is she now. Even, the police could not find any trace of her after a lot of searching.

The Possible Suspect

The only possible suspect was the man named Jack Leeper. He is a distant cousin of April. According to the information of police, he has been escaped from the prison a few days before. He could have kidnapped April. When all hope of getting back April fades away, Theo returns to his adventure to find April.

Young Detective Theodore Boone

Theodore Boone has an essential feature of solving mysteries like a detective. He is a young captive detective and also a young thirteen-year-old lawyer. Both of his parents are the famous and capable lawyer. So, he has got the opportunity to learn the ability of a detective and attorney from his parents.

So, he comes up with all his knowledge and skills of investigation to find out April.

Mystery Solved

With all of strength and courage, Theodore Boone keeps his pace into a new adventure world to save April, and with that, he also invites dangerous threat that he has to face. In the rescuing mission of April, Theodore Boone gets help from his odd uncle, Ike. He plays a more significant role to solve the missing mystery of April.

Evaluation of the book:

The second edition of Theodore Boone thriller, The Abduction has earned much popularity and attention in the world of thriller reader. The reader society has granted it with much appreciation for its exciting story and thrilling touch. It is most popular among the teenagers.

It has something to learn beside its entertaining contents. It helps its reader to think logically in a different situation and to find a rational solution. You will also learn to use the wisdom and wit in the right place according to the location through this book.

This book is a fantastic source of fun and pleasure. It influences readers to think in a new way. No wonder, it is an excellent piece of the thriller novel.

The Kidnapping I think is the second book in a series of stories that have as a character the thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone. Although it is a series, the books can be read in a different order, since they are all the same plot.

Finnemore is an abduction, or so it seems. In his room, he was not there, but all his belongings were still there.

The cops say they did not force the tickets. So what happened to Theo’s best friend? As a good friend, person and aspiring lawyer, he undertakes his search with his schoolmates, traveling neighborhoods of the city of Strattenburg by bicycle and pasting posters.

Theo is a character that I like a lot. I think that to be thirteen years old is quite mature and very intelligent. She gets carried away by her feelings and hates to stay with her arms crossed, even more, when her best friend is missing, and her whereabouts and her health were not known.

His excellent knowledge in that area was acquired in large part thanks to his parents, Marcella and Woods Boone both lawyers. And one of the things that he loves is to feel really in that profession, even though he lacks years in exercising it.

On the other hand, we know April thanks to Theo: she has excellent family problems, a very absent mother with mental issues and a hippie father who goes on tour without any end with a band of prominent men and without employment. Theo describes her as unfeminine, but unique in her attitude and characteristics.

The chapters are all short, a quick and easy reading. The plot seemed very good although I have the impression that it could have exploded a little more. Maybe I lack more connection with the characters, or perhaps the reason that I am fond of the genre of suspense/ thriller/mystery and all that scope makes me demand more.

In itself, it is an entertaining reading to read that has its appeal, and I would recommend it to those who want to have an afternoon or evening with a bit of intrigue and mystery.