Review: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs – The Third Novel of Miss Peregrine’s

Library of Souls: A Clear Conclusion of the Series

Library of Souls PDFRansom Riggs is a newcomer to the literature society. His blockbuster hit series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children come to an end with Library of Souls.

This novel is a classic combination of graphics and writing. The author is specialist in mixing up stories wisely with pictures.

Library of Souls is no different from the previous two deliverance, this written for the teenagers. Every reader will enjoy the story as well as the graphical presentation. Ransom Riggs indeed started a new thought, the culture of writing.

Library of Souls is the third part of the series.

Jacob appears in the story as a sixteen-year-old teenager. He discovered his new ability to travel between the times. Every history gives him pleasure and a new realization about his existence in the world. While moving through the past, Emma Bloom became his only company.

Emma Bloom, The girl with the power to make fire with his nails. In Devil’s Acre, Jacob and Emma discovered a new truth about their extraordinary abilities. There was a time in Victorian England. Slavery was the only option for the disciples of Victoria.

The second part of the Library of Souls is about the fate of the children.

It was about to be revealed. If Jacob could change it, all of them would get relief from slavery. Otherwise, it would mess up their lives eventually. Peculiar children were not stupid anymore. They choose to fight against the demons.

At the end of the story, the writer has drawn a melodramatic conclusion. Just like the previous two books of the series, he brought Jacob as a significant decider of the fate, and he decided to sacrifice his life for beloved friends. Addison MacHenry saved for this courage. Library of Souls is a delightful book with amazing pictures.


Personal opinion

I have to say that I start this review with some regret, since that is what I get to finish this trilogy, especially for the good times we find in their books and how different is the youth books that published today.

Also, each book has been better than the previous one, and its prequel is also something that you can not miss. Therefore, if you have not read these books, I encourage you to stop reading this review, as you will find spoilers, and you go directly to read them because they have no waste.

Jacob and the other peculiar children continue in their struggle to save Miss Peregrine, but each time their dangers are more considerable. However, they feel that they can not give up and are closer to protecting their teacher, so they will not give up so quickly.

Also, Jacob will begin to develop new powers, which will make him see possible to protect the strange ones. It will not be an easy fight, and Jacob will have to travel to other eras, and on his way, he will encounter fascinating creatures. They should take even the smallest help, as this may be their only chance to save themselves.

As happened in the first book, in this third new characters are added, added to those already present in the beginning, form one of the essential points of the book, the end on which relapses the plot. It is one of those books that more than plot is of characters.

The strange ones are precisely that, unique, and not only for their abilities but for their way of understanding that everyone is a great family and the diversity of characters that exist between them. They work together and protect each other from external threats, which will not be few since they will be in constant danger.

That feeling of unity that, more than friendship, is a kind of family bond, has enchanted and excited me for several moments.

Also, we must emphasize that they are characters with many layers and very deep, so they surprise and urge the reader. They also evolve a lot throughout the three books, especially as tragedies are happening and grow internally.

It is also characteristic of this trilogy the excellent pace it has, since when something exciting is not happening, we know more about the world of the peculiar, and believe me, this world is fascinating.

I find very visual books since the author’s style allows the reader to feel and see everything as a character, but we also face these thanks to the illustrations we find.

Thus, beautiful black and white illustrations, which are real, adorn these books.

Finally, I can only say good things about the author, especially for creating the unusual ones and this world that has made me crazy throughout the three books. It has a somewhat dark style that catches, so I hope it does not give great books in the future, or at least half as good as these, and if they are related to the peculiar, more than better.

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