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Synopsis and Summary of Looking for Alaska by John Green

The story tells the life of a young man named Miles Halter, who has decided to leave his home in Florida and attend the Culver Creek Preparatory High School. Miles is a fan of autobiographies, taking special interests in the last lines by the authors.

Tired of his dreary existence, Miles, 16, moves to a boarding school to go in search of what the poet Rabelais called the “Great Maybe.”

There, his newly discovered freedom and an enigmatic girl, Alaska, bring him back to life. But when Miles feels he is about to reach his goal, an unexpected tragedy threatens to take him away.

This book is for readers aged 9 to 14 years

Before: Miles sees his life going by without any emotion. His obsession with memorizing the last words of famous characters leads him to find his Great Maybe (as François Rabelais said just before he died).

He decides to move to Culver Creek, an out-of-the-ordinary boarding school, where he will enjoy freedom for the first time and will meet Alaska Young.

The beautiful, cheeky, fascinating and self-destructive Alaska will drag Miles into his world, push him to the Great Maybe and she will steal his heart.

Then: Nothing will ever be the same again for him

Looking for Alaska is John Green’s debut novel, author of “The Fault In Our Stars,” which garnered recognition from readers and critics overnight.

Miles, a young man looking for his destiny, and Alaska, a girl lost in the labyrinth of life, are faced with timeless questions: what does our existence mean? Can we enjoy a full life after living an unresolved tragedy?

After reading “The Fault In Our Stars,” we can conclude that we needed to learn all of John Green’s books so that we could continue to enjoy his prose and his precious writing.

Although looking for Alaska is a book we would like a lot, a lot is going on with “The Fault In Our Stars.”

The story is told in the first person by a teenager, Miles, who changes his home in Florida to go to a boarding school in Alabama.

There, he will make new friendships; he will live many new experiences and his passage there will change his life. He will meet Alaska.

“You spend all your life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking how you’re going to escape from there one day and how fabulous it will be; Imagine that future keeps you alive, but you never escape. You only use the future to escape the present. ”

The chapters are divided curiously, because it is a countdown to a specific day, and after that day, it continues counting forward.

For example one hundred five days before; The day; One hundred five days later. You will like the tension you feel as you approach the significant date little by little and try to find out what is happening, what is the mystery.

The characters in this book, as in “The Fault In Our Stars” are unusual and very characteristic. They are characters with their own lives and influential personalities who will often collide throughout the reading. Also, everyone has something to teach us.

Although there are many secondary characters such as Takumi, Lara or the Warriors, the protagonists are three:

– Miles, who is nicknamed ‘Fat,’ is a shy boy and has not had too many social relationships, so when he makes friends in boarding school, he tries above all to integrate and be similar to them.

It is very curious that one of his hobbies is to learn the last words or phrases of famous or notable people. You will love to know this type of data while reading, founding it entertaining and different.

The Colonel is Miles’s best friend at boarding school and is bold, intelligent, and always looking for adventures. He teaches many things to the protagonist, and together they carry out a lot of actions that will mark them and to the boarding school of Culver Creek.

They will form a funny and complete team together. The Colonel is one of the characters that you will like most because of his mocking attitude and his insight.

– Alaska Young is a girl who caught the attention of Miles from the beginning and is attracted to her throughout the book.

She is adventurous and adores the risk. It is a different character from those that exist and those who make you rethink many vital questions of the day today. For us, the best character in the book.

“She had a boyfriend, I was clumsy, she was beautiful, I was a bored hopeless, and she was fascinating to infinity. So I went back to my room and fell on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I would be Drizzle and her, a hurricane.”

There are some events that you will not expect for anything, and that will leave you with your mouth open, something that has enchanted everybody and make them more attentive to the reading.

And the end has been perfect for everybody’s taste, it is not what you imagined, but we do not complain. Also, Green’s pen, precious, transports us to Culver Creek and makes us meet the characters.

We have found a relationship between the narration of this book and “The Watchman among the Rye,” by J.D. Salinger, because they deal with raw themes without complexes or cliques, using the vulgar language of adolescents and the streets, and without beautifying the most complex and unpleasant situations.

“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is that things are being loved and people are being used.”

Looking for Alaska is an exciting story full of emotions and reflections, precious dates that will make us fall in love with the words even more and with moments that will steal our breath.

We must say that John Green is an expert at exciting his readers with a love story to which we imagine a typical happy ending, and then he takes a huge turn and happens what we least thought would happen.

We must say this for the books “The Fault In Our Stars,” “Paper Towns” and “Looking for Alaska.”

Although, in a way, he tells us what is real life, where nothing happens as we imagine, where everything is roulette, and we can touch something good or something terrible, and we have to learn to deal with it, but there will always be one escape that we will somehow find.

It is entertaining and with dull reading, but at the same time, involved in regards to feelings and emotions.

He criticizes life and also the fact that nothing lasts forever. His characters although, are stereotypes of many stories, fit perfectly with the plot, and it is worth reading at least once since when we started to read the first pages until we complete it, we do not stop.

John Green gives us straightforward stories, but what makes them unique is his way of writing, but that entertaining makes you reflect while still being a quick and easy read.

Looking for Alaska is the allegory of perfection and melancholy, a mixture of addictions, books, sensuality, and depression.

It’s an easy-to-read book with no extraordinary features to highlight. It’s simple and somehow enjoyable, showing the always different youth of the United States. Passing the time is right.

About the story and the writer

Curiously, this book was the first written by John Green, and it is undoubtedly a beautiful book with unique characters and with significant features of the personality of Green.

While it is true, John develops great characters, in this case, the protagonists Alaska Young and Miles Halter are similar in several ways; Alaska, for example, is a brilliant character, atypical and with a great personality, entirely different from the rest of society.

Miles is his male version if it can be said, he has an obsession to memorize the last phrases of famous personalities before dying.

Therefore, it is easy to know that the characters will be as fantastic as they are, we can not ignore the characters like Chip, Lara, Takumi, and Coronel, who will discover their personality throughout the story.

Ingeniously, it has two parts, into a before and after, entirely different in many aspects; in the before you know the character Miles in a more intimate, fun and cheerful, but in the after we see the complicated and sad part of the character’s life.

A curious fact of this story is that Miles is so different from the rest as the author tells us that the love of knowing the latest phrases of famous people is the same, which shows us from any perspective that John Green influenced Miles with touches of his personality.




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