Moment of Battle By Jim Lacey, Author: : Review and Summary

Moment of Battle – The Twenty Clashes That Changed the World

Moment of Battle is a very insightful and contemporary read that takes us into the midst of the Read Moment of Battlemost-critical military encounters of our recent history. The author also discusses the possibilities of alternate outcomes and how these encounters could have shaped our world. The battles that are chosen are selected on the fact that they have a critical say in our history.

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The book is written in such a way that military tactics and causes of war are seldom discussed. It is the implications that are of interest to the writers. Mr Lacey and Mr Murray quote several examples throughout the text, and the readers would find it hard to argue with these choices.

The authors believe the Battle of Hastings between the Norman-French army and the English army is a critical turning point in the recent European history. Similarly, it is written that if not for a Greek victory against the Persians at Marathon, the Greek Empire might have collapsed there and then.

There are several difficult choices made by the authors as well. A great example would be the victory of the Muslims at Yarmuk against the Byzantine Empire, where Muslim women showed exceptional chivalry by charging on the opposing party.

George F. Nafziger writes in his book (Islam at War) that if Heraclius’s forces had prevailed against those of Khalid Ibn al-Walid, the aftermath of the war would have been entirely different. This war opened the doors of Syria to the expanding Islamic Empire.

The Battle of Breitenfeld 1631 is another such example that has a significant impact on our modern history. The tactical disciple and methodology employed by the Swedes paved way to the contemporary warfare philosophy.

Several examples are put forward by the authors who highlight the fact that a good general and a sound strategy have often proved to be the deciding factor in wars. Mr Lacey and Mr Murray also discuss some important and controversial decisions made during wartime.

These decisions are dissected and studied in great detail, and the consequences are explained. More often than nought, it is these decisions and manoeuvres that have often turned the tide of war. For example, the Battle of Britain is referred to in the text.

The authors have criticised the many decisions made by the generals and especially the one by the Germans to stop the bombing of airfields. This provided an opportunity to the British Royal Air Force to carry out effective airstrikes and eventually turn the odds in their favour.

The final chapters of the book focus on the most-recent events like the American-Iraqi War of 2003. The authors put forward their analyses and point of view for the reader. Moment of Battle is a very informative and exciting read for both, casual readers as well as students of history and political science.

The book provides a host of topics for the historians to debate on and share their views with one another.

Remember, it is essential to know your history and learn from it because history has a habit of repeating itself if forgotten.

The author,r exudes passion at the time of writing his stories and memories of the war, getting the reader to interfere in the dynamism and different strategies that leaders must apply during the process.

However, each war varies regarding the objectives that are behind. Lately, we have seen how they get discouraged for no reason, and that is why the author’s boom has attracted the attention of thousands of readers who seek to understand the art of war thoroughly.


Jim Lacey was an active-duty military officer for twelve years in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Airborne Division. Lacey is currently a professor of strategy, war, and policy at the Marine War College, and an adjunct professor in the Johns Hopkins National Security Program.

He also works as a consultant on some projects for the United States military. Lacey has written for several publications, including the New York Post and The New York Sun, appears regularly in Military History magazine, and was an embedded journalist for Time magazine during the invasion of Iraq.

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