Novel, My Sunshine Away PDF by M.O. Walsh: Review and Summary

My Sunshine Away: Summer brings lights

My Sunshine Away Novel

This work is one of the most important novels written by M.O. Walsh. The book contains all the materials that a teenager experiences in his/her life. Emotions are the masterstroke of the author.

He did all those things to describe the lovely Southern summer. There might have some confusion while reading it as an adult, but it most probably takes to one’s teenage. By delivering the speech as a witness, it will make the reader nostalgic.

There are faults in every age, but teenage mistakes can be more severe than anything else, this is a book of showing true characters of crimes and love.

Girl With A Curse

My sunshine away is represented by a boy. The principal character is a girl. The story takes us to the ’80s. When there was no internet, cellular phone. Only landlines were available. Children needed to wait until the other finished his talking.

The protagonist tells the story of Lindy Simpson. The girl who flew like a butterfly. She had a desire of living a whole new life, live with hope and joy. But an accident affected her entire future. The teller raped her on one beautiful day. At her age of fifteen, she saw all the vulnerable situation.

She experienced how a man can be selfish. Her realization fulfilled when she felt herself helpless.

Lindy Simpson’s family drove her out. Having nowhere to go, she decided to live a life with hate. In another phase, the novel lightened uncontrollable emotion of teenagers.

A mind which wants to take control of everything. There was no stone unturned to ruin the life of a neighborhood girl. Lindy Simpson was not conscious of her being watched and followed by some criminals. She just had been tortured by stronger in physique and lame in mind teenager.

Victory of Victim

The leading spirit of My Sunshine Away is the magnificent view of the victim. M.O. Walsh mentioned how the boy repented of his crime. The lady named Lindy Simpson forgave him without charging any condition upon him. The family is strong support for any creature on the Earth.

Summer of 1983 destroyed Lindy’s life but brought her family together to support her life. An accident took the boy to become a future criminal. Violating rules and losing control weakened him. He tried to change the path, but the timing was not supportive of him. He could only regret his evil doing.

From the book, it is clear that writer has remembered every bit of emotion in his teenage. He has described all the measures of avoiding an accident.

Covering up with courage is a message conveyed by him. His transitions while telling stories is admirable. An encouraging life of Lindy seems here. Use of practical lifestyle in the ’80s has contributed this story to become a special one. Being kind, an adult can find out the advantages of honesty.

There are some great quotes which make a man believing in right doing. Violation of natural rules never brings the satisfying thing in life. As for Lindy Simpson, she stood against the selfish world.

People who mean their benefit only, hatred by her. Though there needs some profit for own, people should help each other. Families should fight for each other. These all are the final realization of My Sunshine Away. M.O. Walsh surely did a great job in his writing.


The author uses a sad story, which marked the life of some of the characters in the novel, to tell us what life was like in the town of Baton Rouge. A city in which everyone knew each other to a greater or lesser degree.

The narrator is one of the central characters. The novel could be said to begin when he is already a man in fullness and decides to remember and deepen what happened during his youth, to try to understand what happened or find among his memories the culprit of the rape of the girl from whom I was in love.

This event, the violation of Lindy, will mark a before and after for our protagonist and other inhabitants; the relationship between neighbors will go through hard times and some obscure facts will come to light.

As if that were not enough, the narrator is among the suspects. His relationship and obsession with the girl, although he believes keeping it a secret, will make him witness Lindy’s changes and make him a stranger to his mother.

And there will arise the questions for the reader, who will not understand how it is possible that spying on Lindy at all hours, day and night, could not see something of what happened. Will it have something to do with rape? Will he know something that he is forced to shut up?

We will attend to the variations in the personality of the narrator, who will try to emulate the young woman in her changes to try to approach her, but Lindy’s mind is far from Baton Rouge and its inhabitants. What happened has taken its toll and will never be the same again.

But not only will they focus on pain of what happened to their beloved, but they will discover another kind of pain, that of loss, separation, and lying.

The reader will observe through the eyes of the narrator his adolescence, his pain, his successes and his failures. He will attend the routine and anecdotal life of ordinary and classy neighbors.

The author offers us a careful narration in which he uses a simple language. The story is entertaining, although at times it seems that it is going through the bush if the reader is not able to see that the story focuses on something other than Lindy’s rape.

Maybe the end is not the desired and leaves the reader a somewhat bitter taste, but neither can be said to be a sad end.

Maybe the back cover can lead to deception, because although the aggression is a central part of the novel; we are a story of the life and customs of a people changed before size event.