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‘The best of me’ by Nicholas Sparks Review and Movie Trailer

Nicholas sparks the best of me bookThe best of me is about first love. It is a common thread that anybody on can ever forget his first love, and the story sheds light on this. It shows that real love is not like the one in fairytales that unforeseen circumstances do occur.

It says that reality may not be as sweet as fantasy, but it has its way of happening. Destiny always has other plans for people looking for their ‘happily ever after’.

It is the view that people are not always what they seem to others, and especially what they seem to themselves. And things are far more precise when looked back. And it asks one fundamental question; can love to rewrite the past?

The Best of Me Plot

The plot centers on two high school sweethearts named Amanda Collier and Dawson Cole, they were star-crossed lovers as they came from two different paths. Dawson came from a family of thugs and lawbreakers while Amanda came from a respectable and wealthy family.

Their love was hard to be, considering their differences, but they made it work. Until the summer of their senior year when unforeseen events led them to opposite paths.

After 25 years they reunite at the Orient, North Carolina, where it all began to attend the funeral of a mutual friend named Tuck Hostetler. During high school, Tuck was the person that had given refuge to their love. And now they had returned for his funeral.

During the separated time, Amanda and Dawson both have made choices that were doubtful, lived the lives they didn’t want, but never forgot that first love that started it all. And now they were together, following the instructions left by their deceased friend and wingman.

As they go through the instructions, one after the other, they come across many things. They are pained with memories and flashbacks. They come face to face with the choices they made and the people they have become. They realize that everything was not as they thought it was.

That’s what they thought they knew about Kurt and themselves was not right. This activity makes them realize that all those dreams that they so dearly were lies. In one weekend, they both face undeniable truths left with doubt on how they have been living for 25 years.

Can The love rewrite the past??

Dawson and Amanda met at the institute, and despite all odds, theirs was a love of those who leave their mark. Dawson came from a troubled family, the Cole. A family that everyone tried to avoid because of their constant problems with the law.

Amanda, for her part, comes from one of the most notorious families in the town, with money and very traditional, the Collier.

That’s why when Amanda’s parents discover their daughter’s relationship, they will do everything possible to separate them.

These teenagers, have found in the other a refuge where everything is possible and the problems are smaller.

Unfortunately, life ends by separating them, taking Amanda to the university and the experience that both her parents and Dawson wanted to an unfortunate event that will mark her life and make her spend several years in prison.

25 years after these events, Dawson and Amanda will meet again at the funeral of Tuck, an old man from the village who welcomed his love of youth many years ago. But they are no longer the teenagers of yesteryear.

Amanda is a married woman with three children and Dawson, who has been mistreated by life, has isolated himself from the world. Will there be an opportunity for them?

Thanks to a series of indications of the dead and several letters, the couple will find an unexpected weekend, one that will make them face the past and rethink their present and future.

The characters as in most Sparks novels are very different from each other.

Amanda is a girl of traditional parents, with money and looking for a good match for her daughter. Always think about what is right before thinking about what she wants and that makes in adult life to reconsider if the life that leads is the one I would have always wanted to take.

Dawson, raised in an unstructured family because of his mother abandons him, and his father hits him. Run away from home being a teenager, but in a village, it is difficult to escape from the family when it wants to find you.

Tuck will be a bit the link between Dawson and Amanda. He welcomes Dawson when he runs away from home and lives first hand the teenage love of the couple. Years later he will be the propeller of his reunion.

The secondary characters are essential since each of their stories is closely related to the protagonists and will significantly influence the end of the book. You can not lose anyone from sight.

The rhythm of the story has seemed very agile. We simultaneously know the events of the present intermingled with the past of the protagonists. In this way, we are slowly forming the story, which will complement with that of some of the secondary characters.

The end of the novel, as in each book by this author, is one of maximum tension. The author plays a lot with the readers, hiding the events until the last pages. And if I’ve learned something from Sparks, it’s how easy it is to find you with a fairytale ending, as with the most tragic of endings. Of course, I will not tell you what the case in this novel is.

In summary, the best of me is a novel in the purest Sparks style that gives us a bit of the dynamics of Noah’s notebook. It has a story of adolescent love separated by years and circumstances and a subsequent reunion that can give more than one surprise.

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Romantic, violent, thriller

Nicholas Sparks has written this book in such a way that it’snot categorized as a rainbow-like love-story. This book has its fair share of thrill, mystery and course romance. While the couple falls back in love at the cottage, there are people planning revenge.

The revenge Dawson’s cousins went for being beaten by him. It is a tale of years old revenge that may or may not lead to murder; making it a thriller. Elsewhere, Amanda is a mother and a wife now. She cannot just fall in love with Dawson while having a family and a life to think.

Then there is Amanda’s disapproving mother, who is also a big problem.

The fact is that ‘The best of me’ is a book about long-lost love with a lot of other factors. It is close to reality as it shows that true love is not natural. There are always things to be dealt with to find and stay in love.