Book Review: One Station Away by Olaf Olafsson – Deepening in the Human Conscience

One Station Away

onestationawayWe can be reminded constantly by our misunderstanding of the human being or how it´s connected to the consciousness when the body cannot be physically able to express, so only then this piece flows in a natural way, bringing uncomfortable relationships between people on the atmosphere of a medical investigation.

So, on this matter we can behold a really shattered relation of the front character Magnus, a New York Neurologist, who lives in Manhattan and works on a project studying human consciousness on comatose patients.

Right from the beginning He takes participation on an experiment, recreating a paralysis to make a more specific idea of the symptoms and acknowledge more closely that field of study.

But that brings the memory of his recently deceased fiancé Malena.

She was a Dancer, teacher of modern dance in the Juilliard School of arts, the reminder of an Idyllic love, the best experience of his life, taken away for the destiny under strange circumstances. Also the one the makes him remind his affairs on the past through the entire book like a reminder of guilt to overcome.

Besides we have the relation with his mother Margaret and his father Vincent, Whom he reluctantly agrees to visit at their home for the celebration for his mother’s 70th birthday.

His mom being a underappreciated pianist, a musical genius which talent have never been recognized and always reminding the fact of her dedication to the raise of a child (Magnus), and leaving the music aside. The interaction whit his father also kind of unbalanced, a hard time man supporting his wife with a little show off attitude.

Since young age Magnus feels the blame on him for her lack of success on the musical career, and his reaction to publish his mother´s recent recordings on the media, make a successful impact on her fame.

This change, make Magnus curious about his point of view on his childhood, trying to remember on a new way of understanding and reconcile with his past.

If this won’t be enough, Magnus start to treat a new patient of apparently a comatose condition, but maybe not too much sleep has she seems.

With these three very important and different interactions, takes the lead to the understanding of the relations between families, human beings, loved ones that we constantly step aside because of a lack of connection whit each other´s feelings and circumstances.

An Architecture map of the human disorders of communication, when they failed, we can recognize the change and some smartly developed insight of the characters, so we can look on ourselves, to apply this in a really common issue for every structure of our society.

Not in vain this effort can exploit and deeply affect the sense of misconnection between people with the hurting touch of a love story of joy and loss, the grief, a empathic identity can be explored on every bit of the story, while taking emotions step by step on the way to believe in a better opportunity of inner growth.

Olafsson on this book, keep the precise and interesting focus on his work, meaning to rattle the cage and questioning how hard it is to know someone, if is impossible to connect whit the situation, response in a good or a bad way to the life´s rollercoaster, being correct, incorrect or just human.

A line of work where everybody wants to be well known for being original but, how much they risk for reaching that goal?

To anwser this we can say, Olafsson take to the matter on a theme so common and daily seen for every person, that the reader can be instantly connected, learning on the way, hand to hand with Magnus on this travel of discovery on the intimate journey of a man, son and Scientist.

He called work, life, but some professionals on the field of Psychoanalysis used to called an insight, which is the main tool of comprehend and resolving main issues that came from the backstory of the people and normally sets the tone for most of their lives and connection with other people on the future, especially notice on preserve healthy on family and love interactions.