Book Review: The Battle of the Labyrinth PDF by Rick Riordan

The Battle of the Labyrinth: Journey to Battlefield

Battle of the labyrinthRick Riordan is one of the best fiction writers in the history of American literature. His blockbuster hit two series have created a milestone in the mind of the readers. It is difficult for anyone to ignore him while telling the stories of the God worship.

He has taken demigods and another phenomenon to a new level. The Battle of the Labyrinth is the fourth part of Percy Jackson’s epic. This part praised for describing unusual war situation by Rick Riordan.

From the first chapter of the book, he continues to charm people with his magical wordy touch.

Living in Demigods in the Earth

As for Percy Jackson, this book is a significant movement. He has been more attacking and zealous for living in the earth. In the first situation, he characterized as a freshman.

For being a Godchild, he avoids all types of fun and prank played by the others. But he could not help himself when a mortal knowledge comes to his campus. A bunch of demonic cheerleaders followed it. Kronos’s army decides to invade in the Half-blood camp. Hearing this, Percy starts his quest along with his other demigod friends.

In the Labyrinth

The second part of the Battle of the Labyrinth is exciting. Percy Jackson enters the underground world called Labyrinth with his friends. Taking full preparations, he has to fell in danger in every movement. Annabeth is the secondary character in this novel.

Her presence in Percy’s life is an inspiration for him. To end up the war against demonic creatures, Percy Jackson uses his supernatural powers.

Rick Riordan concludes the story with suspense. This suspense will take the readers towards the next part of the series. The Battle of the Labyrinth is genuinely a beautiful book to read.

Book Review

I have so many good things to say about this book that I do not even know where to start. I do not know what to say that I have not already said of these books. Once again, the pace is incredibly addictive; I would dare say even more than in the previous ones.

The reason is that both the characters and the main plot are maturing with each book. It is a darker plot, and in which our characters are not going to be able to escape the war.

It’s imminent, and that shows a lot. In this book, the adventures are more dangerous, more laborious and above all more bloody. Little by little the author prepares us for what will come in the next book.

For that reason, and for many other factors, this book read with a sigh. It is impossible to stop reading. It also has more action.

Once again, the author plays with the reader, making him think he knows what is going to happen, and then he gives a turn in the brutal plot, in a few pages, in a paragraph and even in a single word. It surprised me throughout the book.

A part of that is still the same characteristic way of narrating the author that I like so much. Every time I read a book of his, I’m falling little by little more in love and satisfied with his pen. He is a great author. Although at first glance it may look like a simple pen, I love the way you have to tell the story; it makes it unique.

Above all, how to gradually introduce lessons in mythology, which makes me like it even more, and also how it gets the reader to engage in the story entirely, feeling entirely part of it. Because it is what I have felt many times, that I was a participant in all the exciting adventures that our protagonists live.

A very curious thing, that catches my attention a lot, and that I already comment on the review of the third, is the adventures in which they get. Many of them incredibly surreal, and even though it is a risky situation for the characters, I could not help but smile at the image.

Naturally, I could not miss the touches of humor that characterizes this saga. I have laughed a lot in this book, with Percy’s comments, the discussions with many things.

I like the ability of the author to make the reader smile even in times of stress, although not all are laughs. This time I have noticed that I was frustrated or suffered more for the characters.

“Sometimes it’s better to keep someone you do not trust around.”

Every time I like more the relationship of friendship that is becoming locked between the characters. I find it very beautiful, sweet and very sincere. That I want it so much is the fruit of having seen that friendship grow. You could see the evolution.

I enjoy very much in the moments that Percy, Annabeth, and Grover are together. I do not know; I love the little group they do.

And once again with his books, Riordan wants to transmit a series of values, which this time will be more camouflaged by all the action that the book has. Even so, I managed to get it out at the last moment; it seemed to me a very accurate message, a delicate subject and little treated by the books.

There are new characters in this book, although I prefer not to name them so as not to spoil. So I’ll talk about the principals. I have to say that I am glad that Annabeth has regained the protagonist again, I missed her a lot in the previous book. It is one of my favorite characters with Percy.

He is still the same, funny and brave. I love this character. Grover has ended up getting my love in this book.