Review and Summary: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Book PDF

Summary of the lightning thief

A Widely Popular and Attractive Fantasy Novel: “The Lightning Thief” by  Rick Riordan

“The Lightning Thief” is a fantastic adventure fantasy novel that has won the heart of every reader. The story of the book mainly plots on the base of the Greek Mythology.

The celebrated author Rick Riordan writes this novel and set for publication on 1st July 2005. This novel is the very first book of the book series named “Percy Jackson & The Olympians.”


The theme of the Book:

The main protagonist of this novel is Percy Jackson, a boy of 12 years. Many other characters have also kept their pace in the story to make the flow of the book smooth. Let’s know a bit about the main protagonist of the novel.
Percy Jackson

A person is a very young and well-natured boy who cannot focus in his study anyhow because he has dyslexia and ADHD. He lives in New York City with his mother and step-father. It does not matter how hard he tries; he cannot read anything from his school book.

So, he cannot complete his homework. As a result, he gets expelled from every school where he gets admitted.

One day when he goes on a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with his teachers and classmates of Yancy Academy, suddenly he gets attacked by his substitute algebra teacher. More strangely, she turns into a fury of the Greek Myth. Percy gets surprised.

But, that time his protector Grover and his Latin teacher Mr. Brunner saves him from that strange thing. The happening turns into a mystery when Grover takes Percy to his mother and sets for a safe place for him. Percy was curious to know what is happening around him.

Mystery Reveals

Later on, Percy comes to know that he is a demigod and his father is a god, not a human being. So, he is not safe in the place anymore. He needs to take shelter in the summer camp of the demigods.

On the way to camp they had to face a Minotaur and then for the first time, Percy knows that Grover is a satyr. Whatever, the Minotaur takes Percy’s mother, Sally and vanishes from the front of the summer camp.

The Summer Camp

In the summer camp for the half-blood, Percy comes to know that his father is the God of Sea, Poseidon. In the summer camp, he gets training to fight against the enemy. There he gets introduced to the Demigod, daughter of Goddess Athena.

After a while, he sets for a journey to the underworld with his friend Grover and Annabeth to rescue his mother from there. Thus Percy approaches a rough war with the monsters, demigods and evil spirits to save his mother from the underworld.

Evaluation of the book: The Lightning Thief

This book is an excellent fantasy book that creates thrill, suspense, and excitement in the mind of the readers. In fact, it is one of the best fantasy novels that have been written on the Greek Mythology ever. Readers will be much entertained to read this novel for sure.

Book Review

History tells us how Percy Jackson, a boy with enough problems like dyslexia and hyperactive disorder of attention deficit, has been changing his school all his life because he always expelled when he gets into strange situations that he does not even understand.

He is currently at the Yancey Academy, where he resides with his friend Grover, but a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art will change things in his life, as a strange creature (who is a teacher) attacks him and the mystery of his authentic origin it will finally be revealed.

Percy is half human, half God, although he does not know that Greek God is his father.

Then he goes to the Camp, a place where he will train and entrusted with a dangerous mission after knowing his origin.

Recovering the thunderbolt of Zeus stolen along with a satyr named Grover and a daughter of Athena named Annabeth, with the purpose that war does not break out between the three great gods of Olympus.

The first thing I have to admit is that I hate not having read these books when I was more teenage, because I would have loved it.

The way to mix Greek mythology with the everyday world seems very successful and above all has been original, the details of the history of the Gods or creatures intertwined with the experiences and adventures of Percy has been a hoot. It’s like a kind of Greek mythology, but entertaining, inside a fantastic story and quite impressive.

Rick Riordan’s writing is very agile, everything happens very fast, and some paragraphs are fun. Each chapter is an adventure told in the first person by Percy, in which he sometimes explains or shows us some things directly to ourselves.

As for the protagonists, they are mainly three. Percy is our narrator, a very mature character for his age who is taking his courageous side as the novel advances, with integrity and strength he faces the multitude of challenges that his new life presents him to get what he wants, to rescue someone very wanted for him.

Then we have Annabeth, the daughter of Athena, wise and precise in battle (like her mother) who has been in the camp for several years, wishing she had a mission and demonstrated her full potential; I love the love-hate relationship established between her and Percy, it’s fantastic.

Finally, we have Grover, the little satyr who accompanies Percy from the Yancey Academy (although camouflaged) and aspire to become Pan’s great seeker, although he also wants to help Percy to make the mission a success.

We also have many more secondary characters such as Chiron, the centaur who helps Percy from the Yancey Academy; Luke, Clarisse and apparently a few of the Olympian gods such as Ares, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon and some creatures of Tartarus like Medusa, Echidna or Chimera.

Anyway, if you like Greek mythology and adventure stories, do not doubt it, Percy Jackson is your book, and I dare say that your saga. I will undoubtedly follow little by little reading it all, which apart are not very large books or anything like that, I devoured it in a couple of days as if nothing.

Of course, if you expect something similar to the movie forget it, the direction of the plot is different, they change many things and many aspects.

The book leaves us with an open ending, like a cliffhanger, which at least leaves me wanting to know what happens with Percy and his friends before the new evil looming over the Greek world.