Book Review: Cross My Heart by James Patterson (Alex Cross, #21)

A Mysterious Crime Thriller That Touches Heart: “Cross My Heart” As like every book of James Patterson, “Cross My Heart” is another fabulous crime thriller that is full of suspense and thrill. It was the following sequel of the Alex Cross, Run in the Alex Cross series. It published on November 25th of 2013. The next sequel of… Read More »

Envelope System by Dave Ramsey – Best Review

Envelope System: Innovation of Dave Ramsey The famous business consultant and author Dave Ramsey have inaugurated the Envelope System. It is a simple and effective method for those who want to utilize money properly. While creating Envelope System, Dave Ramsey has started marketing his products for this purpose. The system built upon the theory of management. Dave Ramsey… Read More »

Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General

The Strange Death of World War II’s most Audacious General- Mixing politics with literary effects For the umpteenth number of times, we have scoured the edges and the inside patterns of the Second World War to find out the discrepancies in the human situations and locate as well as dislocating the characters of war, political unrest, survival, ravages,… Read More »