Book Review and Summary: The Patriot Threat by Steve Berry

The Patriot Threat (Cotton Malone): Rush for Country

Patriot threat bookSteve Berry has been remarkably a more elegant writer than most of his competitors. His writings contain information as well as thrilling for new age people. Some questions raised in his writings genuinely show that how he is devoted to his work.

The tenth series of Cotton Malone is a sweet deliverance by this famous writer. He has made a tradition of mixing patriotism and adventure.

The Patriot Threat is one of his significant novels, among the other writing. The background of the book is fascinating. It is a constitutional book which includes a lot of information for the American citizen. He started with a mystique and finished with a true clearing fact.

Cotton Malone: Devotion for Nation

The main character of the book is Cotton Malone. He is a former member of the US secret service. He was tremendous all in his career. He was appointed by his boss once again for attempting a new mission. This private project is secret, but the profit was measured nationally.

North Korean spies stole some classified information. Following the culprit, Cotton Malone made a run for them. The reason for paying federal taxes was the primary concern of those files, stolen from the treasury department of the United States of America.

Running from Corner to Corner

Cotton Malone was appointed when he was an owner of a bookshop in Denmark. The mission was started in Venice and finished in Croatia. On this journey, the agent met with different characters. Most of them were friendly, and several were neutral.

Telling the story, Steve Berry has brought Franklin Roosevelt into it. His presence fulfills the tale with importance. Mentioning a painting which was worth more than one billion is also an exciting part of the book.

At the end of The Patriot Threat, the author clarified why 16th Amendment of the American constitution is needed. That is the reason for paying federal taxes.

Book Review

Berry’s style is unique and fabulous; this exploits the historical facts to the maximum while deepening his research to go further, revealing other events or data that are little known by the general public, in fact, is the premise that manages this novel.

In The Patriot Menace, there is talk that the 16th Amendment of the United States has been approved unlawfully, therefore, arouses serious controversy as it would be null and would have no effect on American civil society.

The main character, Cotton is immersed in a narrative, dynamic, that fills with data and historical events, to reveal clues, it is a treasure hunt that gets more and more complicated, the reader is invaded even with false clues to keep him attentive.

In previous books, Berry was very subtle to leave traces of his political ideology in the story told, in this book it was not so since he is more daring to put aside his impartiality, it is not something that bothers, but it is a clear allusion to something more personal Berry.

The premise of a legal vacuum regarding an economic issue is not as exciting as other arguments previously used by the author, perhaps that affects a little to their lack of narrative lines, the stories often lack importance in the general level.

Of course, at the beginning Berry does a great job to hook us with a wave of adrenaline, action overwhelmed, exciting until we go to the political issue of taxes and all the legal problem.

The point to note in this type of novels is the need for proper research, and in this, the author looks actively, Berry knows very well the history of the United States, is supported by documented facts, testimonies do not reserve any detail.

Maybe Cotton needs a little balance since every time he starts a new story he comes to the point of resuming his life, but that never happens, he is not in active service, but neither does the character evolve beyond that threshold, then for a while it is already frustrating.

I hate to think that Berry is making a script with all his novels, repeating the formula that worked once, this is a little useful habit, since sometimes it works for some authors, but it is not always the best way to go.

This book, fortunately, has that conspiratorial character, awakens the hunger of the investigation, it is enjoyable to get to know, reviewing the past of each one of the named figures, the facts, the secrets that seem part of the speculation, it is excellent.