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Sun Tzu Art of War PDFThe Art of War is one of the historical texts that has gained legendary status over the years. Compiled and written by Sun Tzu who being a decorated military general and veteran strategist.

The book widely regarded as one of the “Military Classics.”

The book can be dated back 2,500 years ago to the Warring States Period. It has been translated into many different languages and has been used by several military commanders over the years to plan their strategies, business dealings, and tactics.

As far as the book itself is concerned, divided into 13 chapters. Sun Tzu claims that the war should be avoided at all costs.

However, should it become inevitable, proper planning and thought the process should be used to maximize the chances of victory. The book starts off by emphasizing the importance of studying factors like terrain, weather, and other aspects of the surroundings.

It then proceeds to the economic factors underlying the war times and how they can be utilized to achieve the best possible results.

Sun Tzu explains that the key to victory lies in unity and not strength. The army needs to have a sound grasp of the required strategy and the strength and weaknesses of the enemy. The book stresses on the fact that war is a severe issue. Battles can prove to be a very costly business if all the aspects are not kept under consideration before you begin.

Another factor outlined by Sun Tzu that was the highlight of his numerous successful military campaigns was the position of the army. Using a sound strategy and positioning sense, one can pounce on the mistake of the enemy and get the upper hand. Illusions and deceptions are two of the most potent weapons at the disposal of any commander.

Confrontation isn’t always the answer, and alternative plans should always be kept in consideration. The book also discusses several scenarios which can turn the tide of war and how to counteract against such circumstances.

The end of the book covers topics like maneuvering and marching in alien lands and how to engage the enemy on your terms. Fire attacks and the use of spies are also a part of critical wartime strategy.

It is important to realize here that no matter how cordial the relations are between regions, a conflict of interest is bound to happen. It is in the human nature. And the purpose of this book is to make the best of the given set of circumstances to ensure the best results.

The Art of War is considered one of the most important literary works of the Chinese history. The book serves as a guide and inspiration for many including the politicians today. The strength of the book lies in strategies involving avoidance of confrontation rather than full-blooded attacks.

Whether it be gaining superiority in the board games, planning treaties on the international scale or just for casual reading, The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a book for everyone and should give due consideration and respect.

Review and Analysis

The book tells us that it is essential to reflect on the management and the value of war, because on this depends the survival of a people, being this the responsibility of the States, is this one that corresponds to make the precise estimations and the most thorough evaluation.

For this it shows specific guidelines to follow; know in what direction the war is going, what is the best offensive strategy, what must be the disposition of the means or resources, what perception must the enemy have over one, the knowledge of our weaknesses and strengths.

The maneuvers to execute and the most advantageous strategies, the experience of the terrain where we will apply the action, the type of leadership to be demonstrated, among others Sun Tzu shows us in this compendium of essays, that the art of war is precisely the best strategy for avoiding it.

Analogies to explain life

In these times when violence unleashed worldwide, people do not try to find comprehensible solutions, sensible or peaceful; he tells that much more important than making war, is to know and discuss the reasons that lead us to conflict, and consequently, look for a solution through knowledge and application of specific rules.

The book defines the most relevant aspects regarding the strategies that should use in a battle.

The first one is the selection of the battlefield, if we refer to the educational field it can be compared with the market or  environment, from the curriculum, going through the classroom or school, the student and the educational community

This matter is what Sun Tzu refers, that it is essential to know it thoroughly, in such a way that we can recognize areas that have weaknesses and those that have an advantage, both for the teacher and for all the actors involved, in this case, in the educational process. “Meet the enemy and know yourself and, in a hundred battles, you will never run the slightest danger.”

The Art of War also highlights the point that refers to the concentration of forces. It is vital to concentrate them in the place where the fight will take place. The teacher, as an educational manager, must focus troops so that their tactical actions have the most significant possible impact.

Referring to the attack, another aspect mentioned in the book, the author asks to reflect on the need for it.

It talks about analyzing if it is worth an attack at a specific time and terrain and about the benefits or advantages obtained from that attack. Will it be beneficial for me as a classroom manager to make significant changes at times not considered convenient?

Finally, the book also explains the need and importance of having and maintaining a contingency plan (which in our case would be dynamic according to the circumstances and times) in which different forces meet to collaborate throughout the battle.

It is necessary to address the administrative bodies responsible for the educational processes to warn them of the changes and proceed to act accordingly.

Despite being an ancient book, considered as the best strategy book of all times, whose indications are still useful today.

To the extent that there are universities in some countries that have incorporated it as a subject of study, both in undergraduate as well as postgraduate and marketing and management programs at the management level.

The Art of War being a treaty to avoid war, is, in turn, a manual to know how to fight, if it is inevitable. Tzu tells us that “the best victory is to win without fighting” and that this is precise “the difference between the prudent and the wise man.”


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