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Book Review: Four by Veronica Roth, A Divergent Collection

Four: Divergent Collection Book Overview Four: A Divergent Collection is a series of additional stories written by Veronica Roth, who is also the author of the critically acclaimed Divergent saga. Plot The book consists of 5 short stories written from Tobias’s point of view. The stories weren’t released simultaneously. They were released individually and then finally all of… Read More »

Divergent PDF by Veronica Roth: Book Review and Summary

Divergent (divergent series) In Divergent, Beatrice Prior lives in a prospect version of Chicago, where five different factions settle. Each faction has got a separate virtue that they think is the best. Erudite adore knowledge; Amity has a soft side for friendship, Abnegation is the pro-self sacrifice, Dauntless considers bravery to be the best and Cantor is the… Read More »