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Ken Follett Trilogy, Best Novels

Ken Follett Trilogy: an analysis of the major masterpieces The good, bad and the ugly tells it all. The Ken Follett trilogy offers a variety regarding a literary masterpiece, and obviously catering to the demands of being the bestsellers. Fall of Giants forms the first part of the century trilogy, and it sets up the specific benchmark for… Read More »

“World Without End” PDF Book Review

World Without End by Ken Follett: The Battle Continues Ken Follett has finally released the sequel of The Pillars of the Earth. The book which has been enchanting readers with its great story. World Without End released after 20 years of its first version. History is where people can find a picture of 1300 century. Incidents take place… Read More »

Ken Follett Fall of Giants PDF – Review and Summary

The century trilogy is here to rule: Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants If Ken Follett knew concerning two of his earliest major works, The Pillars of the Earth and World without End, then it is the time that we start re-analysing his literary efforts. With a giant masterstroke that transforms the earlier medieval setting into the twentieth-century society,… Read More »