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Book Review: Wuthering Heights PDF Brief Summary

Wuthering Heights: Loving the hated Emily Bronte has contributed the literature history with her outstanding writings. She was one of the best writers of 19th century. Her book Wuthering Heights contains romanticism as well as a story of revenge. The author has combined every character on the same platform. The book is a masterpiece by Emily Bronte. Value… Read More »

Review and Summary: The Princess Bride Book PDF by William Goldman

A Fantastic Fantasy Novel: “The Princess Bride” “The Princess Bride” is an excellent romantic fantasy novel that is written by the great author William Goldman and it appeared before the readers in 1973. There is a balanced combination of romance, adventure, fantasy and comedy in this novel. It first published by the Harcourt Brace publishing company in the… Read More »

Kamel Daoud: The Meursault Investigation – Book Review and Summary

The Meursault Investigation: Getting Angry The Meursault Investigation is one of the most discussed books in this century. The famous writer, Kamel Daoud write this book. As there are a lot of harsh ingredients in this book, the novel is an excellent deliverance from the writer. The writer has established his style of writing serious things. The background… Read More »