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Book Review: Four by Veronica Roth, A Divergent Collection

Four: Divergent Collection Book Overview Four: A Divergent Collection is a series of additional stories written by Veronica Roth, who is also the author of the critically acclaimed Divergent saga. Plot The book consists of 5 short stories written from Tobias’s point of view. The stories weren’t released simultaneously. They were released individually and then finally all of… Read More »

Allegiant PDF by Veronica Roth: Review and Summary

Divergent Saga – Allegiant by Veronica Roth Allegiant regards a faction-based society that Tris Prior once alleged in is fractured. Massively shattered by power struggles and violence and scarred by immense betrayal and loss. Summary Due to all the losses, when she offered a chance to discover the world past the confines she’s known, Tris is ready. Tris… Read More »

Divergent PDF by Veronica Roth: Book Review and Summary

Divergent (divergent series) In Divergent, Beatrice Prior lives in a prospect version of Chicago, where five different factions settle. Each faction has got a separate virtue that they think is the best. Erudite adore knowledge; Amity has a soft side for friendship, Abnegation is the pro-self sacrifice, Dauntless considers bravery to be the best and Cantor is the… Read More »

Insurgent PDF by Veronica Roth (Trilogy #2): Review and Summary

Insurgent Synopsis Insurgent is the second installment of the Divergent trilogy. The story picks off exactly where it ended in Divergent. It begins by recapping that Tris has killed her friend Will and triggered a chain of events that are sure to alter the city forever. Being a wanted fugitive, Tris leaves town with her friends and finds… Read More »