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The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein

Art of Public SpeakingPublic speaking is something that is a cause for concern for several people. No matter how confident someone seems outward, speaking in front of an audience is a whole new aspect.

Therefore, a lot of interest has developed among the people with regards to this subject matter. A lot of literature is now available in the market that discusses several methodologies and steps that one can opt to work on your fears and hesitation.

The Art of Public Speaking was written by Dale Carnegie and Joseph B. Esenwein back in 1905. However, it proved to be such a successful book over the years that it is still present today.

The book starts off by explaining the fact that being unable to speak in public or having reservations about it is not an unheard phenomenon. Many people, including professors, are faced with this problem but have managed to overcome their fears with experience and practice.

There are several occasions where people may feel stress. These include conducting lectures, public debates, valedictorian speech or speaking for the new couple at their wedding. The author explains that the quickest and the most-effective solution to overcoming this problem is “practice.” Yes, that is right.

It is imperative that the concerned person develop a habit of indulging himself in activities where he forced into public speaking in any capacity. The start can prove to be quite shaky for some, but it is crucial to retain your optimism, and in the end, you will succeed in coming out of your shell.

The book also discusses several tips and tricks, including the use of a mirror and practical use of voice and hand gestures. Using these methodologies will not only help you in finding your feet but will also help you develop an aura that exudes confidence.

There are comparative studies and situational examples that train you to become an active speaker in front of large audiences. The book also helps you in understanding the psyche of the crowd and how to best shape your words to sway the audience in your favor.

Several other ideas discussed by the author can prove to be quite helpful. Mr. Carnegie says that before you step out to deliver an accurate speech, you should sit back and think about yourself.

One should allow the idea and thought to sink in that out of all the other people out there; you are here for this task. You were given this responsibility because you were deemed to be the best of the lot.

The author explains that the first few seconds are the most important and stresses that proper study and understanding of the subject must develop beforehand.

The person must have a firm belief in what he is saying is true and carries some value to his listeners, this will ensure a smooth start and the person will eventually start to feel good about himself. His self-confidence will get a boost.

The Art of Public Speaking is as good and gamechanger book as any other out there for those looking for constant self-improvement.

It is a complete book, which allows us to develop the potential of communication, transmitting the message more efficiently and connecting with the audience. It has precise techniques and examples that, if used correctly, can help detect our main faults when giving a speech and counteract them.

We teach methods and instruments to transmit committed messages, connect with an audience with confidence and move people to action.

The training focuses on structuring a speech, communicating credibility and selling an idea, as well as knowing how to manage improvised comments. Highlighting the practice and knowledge of the subject as fundamental to improve

About the Author:

DALE CARNEGIE (1888-1955), a pioneer in public speaking and personality development, obtained popularity by teaching others ways to become successful. His book Ways to Win Buddies and Influence People (1936) has sold more than 15 million copies.

He started the Dale Carnegie Institute for Effective Talking and Human being Relations, with branches all over the world.

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