Book Review: The Boat Runner by Devin Murphy – An Interesting Story

The Boat Runner

theboatrunnerIn the world we live, we need a very strong emotional charge to really surprise the public, with an original angle for creating interesting stories to tell, especially in the theme of Historical Novels those can really bring to the table some issues that are taken into account due to their great importance and heavy scars in the development of the psychological attitudes of modern society.

And now it’s when Devin Murphy appears, just when we think there is nothing more to say related to World War II, it surprises us with an interesting point of view, without ambitions, natural, easy to connect, generating a lot of empathy and making the reader wonder, how he would have reacted in that situation?

The Boat Runner tells the story of young Jacob Koopman, a Dutch apprentice fisherman, whose family for the time of 1939; get involved in the middle of Nazi occupation on Europe, creating an ambiguous atmosphere, Very complex for the development of a character, incredibly sincere with the feelings that can be awaken on the reader.

The book tells how Jacob helps his Uncle Martin in the North Seas as a fisherman, where the German ships begin to be more frequent, without hardly thinking about the main war, even being Jacob sent to a Nazi recruitment camp in search of a stable future for family businesses.

Once the shadow of the war its started, Jacob’s life becomes a catastrophe full of dark episodes while he is forced to participate in the Fuhrer campaign through France, England, until he reaches very important and secret missions in which he must make decisions that will change the direction of his career as a military and the direction of his true purpose of life.

It can be heartbreaking, because of its realistic approach, that instead of looking like a novel, it gives you a kind of a documentary feeling with the autonomous perspective of the character, what drives his decisions, his motivations, his point of view on each side on that episode of the human story, which creates the questioning of who is right or not? And who does the right way every time?

Morally ambiguous, it can sometimes leave the reader in shock because of the harsh reality, the thin line between what is right or what is necessary to do in order to survive, is a constant battle that is fought consciously as the story progresses.

The fact of having to endure so much cruelty, abuse of power and the need for redemption, is what makes this novel great, intense or at least electrifying, it shows us the darkest side of the human being in order to notice the importance of good causes, the true human being inside of a soldier or any kind of person, his true humanity reflected on the decisions made in order to a greater good.

The power of patience for those who have resist, faced the adversity of tyrannical events, issues not completely forgotten by our current generation, which unfortunately continues to constantly witness the presence of this wrong expressions of evil, in which the spirit must be strengthened, the faith must be protected to not losing the true essence of what we are as a species.

No doubt Devin Murphy gives us a much needed work for the times we live, as a work of fiction but also as a sociological lesson, to make catharsis, reflect on the world around us, in how our actions always have a motive and an effect on everything that happens no matter how, this it´s well know has Karma by the popular culture and some religions, and the Novel can surprisingly explain on synthesis how it works on his natural flow.

Full of hope, the dawn after the long night, that light we expect, all those people that must face the hard times, in the whole world there is at least tragedy, hunger, natural disasters, fights, war, abuse, tyranny and all this can be well seen as a tests, a trial of fire to measure our ability to love, to forgive, to change, to evolve, to become better human beings, capable of surviving in harmony with their peers.