Book Review: The Bourne Identity PDF by Robert Ludlum (Jason Bourne, #1)

An Impeccable Suspense Spy Thriller Novel: “The Bourne Identity”

Bourne Identity AuthorThe Bourne Identity” is a great fiction thriller that was written and published in 1980. The author of this thriller novel is Robert Ludlum. It is assumed to be the first novel of the Bourne Trilogy.

The other two books of this series are the Bourne Ultimatum and the Bourne Supremacy. It is remarkable among the best spy thrillers that have published ever. A film of the same name was in 1988 based on the plot of the novel.

About the Author

Robert Ludlum was a great novelist, who died in March 2001. He was the creator of 27 world famous novels. All of his books were the bestselling books at the year of their publications. Most of them translated into 32 languages, and over 225 million copies of his books sold.

The theme of the Book:

This spy thriller based on the plot of a man named Jason Bourne who had to go through a long way to identify his true identity. The story starts with gunfire. A man cast into the deep of the Mediterranean Sea from a boat, and after that, the ship exploded. A fisherman saves him from being drowned in the strong waves of the sea.

The man was suffering from retrograde amnesia. So, he cannot remember anything about himself. He has a grave injury to his head and so, he has forgotten every memory of him. He only can remember the accessing information of a bank account that located in Zurich.

Who was he and what happened to him-are some questions to be answered? So, he started with his little memory to find out who he was.

Mysteries and Conspiracies

Jason is unknown about his past. But, he can understand that his case is not reasonable. The injuries of his body provide the evidence of the significance of his history. He must have to know about his past for his survival as he comes to understand that some people want him to be dead. Even the CIA is against him, and they also want to kill him.

What is hidden in his past that is causing so much trouble for his life – is a great mystery to him to be solved. Will he be able to regain his memory and know the secret to resolve the misunderstanding between him and the CIA? Will he be able to protect himself from the trained assassins?

Thus the novel approaches with great suspense, thrill, and adventure that directly blow the mind of the readers.

Book Review

The Bourne of literature is related to the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, the plot of the first installment in general terms is similar to that of the film, the truth is that the concept of conflict is perfect.

A guy with amnesia rescued from the sea and soon discover that there are a lot of professional murderers who want to eliminate it without knowing why.

Bourne, who for several chapters do not even remember his name, must reconstruct the mystery as a complicated puzzle, the first 15 episodes are great because they have a lot of action and suspense.

Bourne does not understand anything about what is happening to him and tries to find the best possible way to survive in the streets.

The character has a more interesting personality than Damon portrayed, where at times he was seen as an unscrupulous killing machine.

Marie, the woman who helps him, who in the movies inexplicably eliminated, here has a more critical role and reappears in later books.

The problem with “The Bourne Case” is Ludlum’s narrative which, with the advance of the plot, becomes terrifyingly slow.

The novel begins very well and goes flat when they come into play financial entanglements and bankers who are a mess of those.

However, the worst thing about Ludlum for me is their handling of the villains, who are pathetic and here we have another reason why Tom Clancy is a superior author.

In the saga of Jack Ryan, you never meet wretched villains like those in the Bourne trilogy.

The protagonist’s enemy is a real-life figure.

I refer to the famous Venezuelan terrorist Carlos, better known as “El Chacal.”

In the 80s and the beginning of the 90s Ilich Ramírez Sánchez was considered the most dangerous and wanted criminal in the world and in his time he preceded Pablo Escobar and Osama bin Laden in that category.

I recommend that you look for the excellent film, Carlos, by Olivier Assayas (which was a miniseries) that tells the story of this criminal who is passionate.

In the Bourne saga, Carlos is the main villain and the truth that gives embarrassment to others how Ludlum worked the character because he looks like a villain fart from the worst time of Chuck Norris.

I clarify it so that they do not misunderstand me.

I would never defend a scourge of this kind that imprisoned, but what I want to express is that the real Carlos was not a foolish Hollywood villain as Ludlum portrays him in his works.

Carlos is still a subject of debate. For many, it is a revolutionary guerrilla unjustly condemned to prison and for others a delinquent without political ideals who only moved by the twine.

I am more inclined towards this second vision, and I think that putting Carlos on the same level as Che Guevara is an absolute delirium.

The view that Ludlum has of the Venezuelan criminal is very exaggerated, and I believe that at a certain point he contributed to nurturing the image that the media constructed of this subject.

Going back to the novel, I think Jason Bourne’s story works better in the context of the Cold War, but in the cinema, they made the conflict much more compelling.

That’s why the recommendation, in this case, is with reservations.

Depending on how you get hooked on the narrative style of the author, the book received in different ways.

In general, opinions are quite divided about this man’s work. Some people love and another who prefers to follow Bourne in the movies.

In my case, it did not displease me, but it did not drive me crazy either to read all of Ludlum’s work.

Evaluation of the book: The Bourne Identity

The author of the novel has shown considerable expertise to create suspense and thrill in every sentence of the story. So, the readers are merely compelled to read the whole book to know the answers to the mysteries of the novel.

It is an excellent piece of fiction thriller that is truly attractive, mind-blowing and exciting. No wonder, the readers will love to read it.