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Curious case of Benjamin Button Book

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Scott Fitzgerald


The story dates back to 1860, Baltimore, where a young couple experiences the birth of a child with an extraordinary set of conditions. Benjamin is a newborn baby who is unlike anyone else.

His condition makes his appearance that of a 70-year-old. From childhood, Benjamin can speak. His father orders him to spend time with the other kids in their neighborhood.

Benjamin also does not find any interest in toys and other childish activities. Being enrolled in kindergarten, he is often seen sleeping because of his lack of interest in the subject matter.

It is around his 12th birthday that his family finally realizes his condition that Benjamin is aging backward.

Although he manages to get admission in Yale College, Benjamin is sent home by the institute administration who are unaware of his extraordinary condition and take him to be a mentally challenged 50-year-old man. By the time, he turns 20, and Benjamin given control of Roger Button & Co.

It is during that time that he meets Hildegarde Moncrief and falls in love with her. However, with the passage of time, he gets bored by the monotony of his daily life and the continued nuisance caused by Hildegarde.

Finally, he makes up his mind to join the Spanish-American war 1898 where he performs exceptionally well and become a lieutenant colonel.

By 1910, Benjamin has the looks of a 20-year-old kid. He transfers control of his successful business to his son Roscoe and enrolls in Harvard where he performs well initially. However, with time he fails to cope with the pressure as his body turns more towards the youth.

He returns home after that to stay with Roscoe. His memory starts to fade away as he fades away into nothingness.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a beautifully written novel and belongs to a domain that Fitzgerald rarely decides to visit. The book was received well by editors who commended the bold new concept put forward by the author.

Publishers weekly that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is fantastic and gracefully written short story and one of Fitzgerald’s most beautiful works. The book keeps the readers interested from start to finish and often find themselves questioning the erratic behavior of Benjamin Button.

Booklist states that although many of the young readers would struggle to grasp this concept and it is a challenging ride to take, that will have you question your beliefs. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s poise and finesse as a writer cannot praise enough. This exceptional book is a real representative of an era gone.

School Library Journal states that the teenagers might find little appeal in this book because of the scarce humor and the satiric material. Nonetheless, this is a wonderful book and part of the classic literature for some. It should be on the must-have list of all the fans who claim themselves to be an advocate of the classics.


Many will know the author for his work The Great Gatsby. The curious case of Benjamin Button came to my hands when my mother read it, and I was curious since I had seen the film, although it differs a lot.

You have to establish that it is not a novel, but a story and therefore you have to judge it as such. I have read reviews where they complain about not being sufficiently developed. The stories are characterized by being brief, showing a concrete idea and not delving into characters since they are only at the service of the concept.

Once we go into more details and develop the personality of the characters, we can talk about a novel.

As a curiosity the author was inspired by a comment by Mark Twain “It was a pity that the best part of our lives was at the beginning and the worst at the end” So Fitzgerald did an experiment and Benjamin was born inserted in a typical environment.

This story is composed of about sixteen pages in which we know the peculiar life of Benjamin Botton, a man who was born old but as time goes by he rejuvenates. It is evident that this will prevent him from leading a healthy life.

Because even though he is five years old physically, he looks like a grandfather, his father tries to be normal and to play with children his age, but Benjamin does not have fun in the same way as other children. His thinking is the same as that of an older man.

As the narrative progresses we get to know Benjamin’s first experiences: his first love, work, university, etc.

We can also see what society was like at that time and there is some criticism towards it.

Mark in his sentence laments because the best happens at the beginning of our lives and the worst when we get big. So Fitzgerald with his work wants to achieve the opposite: Benjamin at first goes through the worst, and the younger he is, life is more relaxed.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most was the narration; it has parts where the protagonist’s misadventures told with a certain humor. That makes reading more enjoyable. The facts explained in such a way that it is impossible for the reader not to love the story.

The end I loved, it is melancholic, but at the same time, it contains happiness. It leaves you with a strange feeling.
This story is unique; it gets you excited with every moment of Benjamin’s life. It has become one of my favorite stories.

I liked it as much as his film, although they have no comparison since the only thing that has the same is the strange condition of Benjamin.

I recommend reading it since in a minimum of time they finish it, and they will enjoy learning a lot.

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