Anna Freeman: The Fair Fight – Book Review and Summary

The historical novel the fair fightThe Fair Fight: Top of the World

Anna Freeman is an honoring name in the literature world. Her writing has always inspired the world of tortured and ruled. She can make sense with a single plot of her novel.

The Fair Fight is a fighting story of a girl. From the bottom of the life, she reaches the topmost peak of success. This fighting is implanted in the story very well. The author has tried her best to express the main theme adequately.

Sometimes the writer used melodramatic situation. These situations have fulfilled the gaps of the novel. Anna Freeman has left no space in the book to think out of the writing. Word selection for this book is wise.

Life from Brothel

The Fair Fight starts with a negative impression. Ruth was a child of the brothel. She did not know her real identity. Since she was a child, she had seen the sufferings around her. Taking initiatives was not easy for a teenager like her. The time when she was depressed with her life, a twist cone took place.

Ruth was found by a vibrant and enthusiastic person, Dryer. He was a retired boxing champion. He wanted to raise Ruth as a boxer and gave her the best life. When Ruth entered into his coaching sessions, she was born once more in the world.

A Champion

Mr. Dryer could see the future. This is the reason of being a champion in Ruth’s part. She established herself as a renowned name in the athletic world. But Mrs. Dryer was not pleased with the doing of her husband.

She also raised an orphan without telling her husband. This confusion remained until she finds that there is a lot more to know about her life partner.

Starting life from the street, Ruth took herself in the enlightened world. This is a great deliverance by Anna Freeman.

Book Opinion

The Fair Fight is told given the experiences Ruth, Charlotte, and George, three individuals who initially could not be more different, but who meet through the circumstances and end up having much in common. They are sturdy and understanding characters, whose pain you feel even when they bring it upon themselves.

Ruth’s physical prowess is reflected, eventually, in Charlotte’s mental strength, while George finally and unfortunately proves to be the weakest of the three.

While this novel involves boxing, the title refers to much more than sports. “The Fair Fight” Any woman who wishes to return and live in a historical period should read this book because things are horrifying for Ruth, who is on top of the totem, and, in many ways, even worse for the upper class of Charlotte.

It is an intelligent way to show us how much the worldview changes between the economic class and gender. Besides that, the book is beautifully written, and I loved that Freeman managed to give each character a very different voice.

I enjoyed “The Fair Fight,” and I recommend it. Apart from the medium slightly dragged, this book was fun, exciting, depressing, exasperating, sad and happy. If you are looking for a unique historical fiction novel, place “The Fair Fight” at the top of your list.

The Fair Fight is the debut novel by Freeman, but you would never guess how accomplished writing is, it does not stop to explain any of the terms, trusting that your reader speculates the correct meaning, and is right.

It does not take long to discover the meaning of specific terms, and it makes even less time to love the language and the environment and to get carried away by the world of books.

While you can feel almost all of Ruth’s fights (showing Freeman’s great ability with words), it is Charlotte who I most loved and rooted in throughout the process.

Victim of society, of the disease and his own family, he had the farthest left of the two female protagonists, and the farthest to fall. Watching her grow during the book was exciting, unsettling and rewarding.

Freeman’s book stands out as merely a great story, but also because it is historical fiction for a modern audience, because it is well written and attractive, and because the world creates lives around you while you are reading.