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The Girl on the Train: A Boosting Thriller

The girl on the train 2013Paula Hawkins has made his introduction to literary society by writing mixing categorized books.

The Girl on the Train is one of his best creations over the years. It is a book which contains almost all the qualities that can attract a reader throughout the journey.

The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller. Paula Hawkins has used feminine curiosity in this novel. Rachel is the main character in this book. The author has successfully described the emotions of a lonely woman.

There are a lot of spaces where she tried to make her audiences to think. The readers will enjoy suspense from the beginning to end. How the life of a typical woman changes is the background of the novel.

Breaking the Routine

Rachel is the leading character in the novel that lives in a suburban area. Her life is flawless. She travels in a commuter train every morning which takes her to the central city. She works with dignity. In every sphere of life, she fells in the problem. Rachel tries hard to get out of this cycle.

Her life reflects those professional women who want to live a happy life with family. But accidents never come with a warning. An accident changes all the circumstances. Rachel also felt this saying after a while.

Book Review

The novel is not only told by her, but also by two other women: Megan and Anna. I’m not going to tell you who you are so you can discover it as you read, but they are essential. Each one will say to us in their chapters one or several days of their life.

The chronology changes, so we may read what happened to one a year ago and then to another a couple of days ago or another six ago. I know it sounds a bit confusing, but the plot is pretty easy to follow.

I liked the story. I already needed a mystery book, and this has been a perfect choice. It has kept me hooked since I started reading it one afternoon – because I did not know which one to pick up; I chose it at random – and by the next morning it was finished. Is that the desire, almost craving, to find out who was the bad guy in the story was too big.

I am a person who does not like to do my research as I read the book, I mean, some things are very more evident and I can not help but not knowing them. The stuff of style a: these two are going to end together, this one is going to die for example.

However, I did not give up accumulating the clues that we were leaving to the author because I like to be surprised by what Rachel told us -because it is mainly she who is investigating-. So if you stop to think it is likely that you get the person who got all this but until the author does not present all the cards you can not get an idea of who she is.

Seriously, when I got to the last quarter of the book, all the pieces fit together, and I could not believe it because it was so obvious and so surprising at the same time as, seriously, flippant.

I have read many reviews that compare and complain about the way the author has to narrate because Rachel is not an overly reliable narrator – I have already commented that she is always drunk – but I think it was necessary because it makes the character much more realistic.

You get drunk one day almost until you lose consciousness and do not expect to remember what color was the man’s jacket walking his dog (a white poodle, probably his wife) at 2.07 at night in the street.

You understand I did like it, maybe all the reviews are right, and it is not the best book of this genre, but I highly recommend it.

In short, a book that promised and fulfilled. I got hooked from the first chapter, the characters are very human, and you do not expect who is to blame until the end. Also, it has an ending that will leave you speechless.

Feeling Lively Again

While going on the train, Rachel notices a couple taking their breakfast every day. She named them as Jess and Jason. Paula Hawkins mentioned the wish of Rachel. She wants to have a simple life like them one day. Suddenly, one morning she noticed something unusual with the couple.

She could not bear the guiltiness of being a witness to this situation. When she went to the police, they ignored him. To get an answer, she started a mission of her own. The story finishes up with solving this problem.

Paula Hawkins indeed has made an outstanding milestone by the Girl on the Train.

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