The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd: Book Review and Summary

Review and Summary

The Invention of Wings‘The Invention of Wings’ is written by Sue Monk Kidd. It is intense, profound, emotional and accurate. It centers on freedom. Its importance and the pain of its absence are shown by the story of Sarah Grimke and her slave Handful aka Hetty.

The novel is set in America but at an unfortunate time. It is set in the era when south wanted nothing more than to secure its lot in the slave industry.

The most exciting thing is that the story of the sisters from Charleston, S.C, Sarah and Angelina Grimke is true. This makes the novella blend of fiction and reality.

The writer has explained in the notes; which parts are real and which are not. This gives us a touch of the real struggle and the pain of that time. Reading such a book and knowing that parts of it are correct, does something to you.

The Invention of Wings Plot

The book is the story of Sarah Grimke. Even at a young age, she knew she was meant to do something big. She had the opinions about slavery that were dared not to be spoken at that time. The significant difference she thinks she is meant to make can’t be achieved because of the society’s limitations on women. Hence, she is trapped.

This book is the tale of being trapped; in physically and mentally. The other character with a story of the lack of freedom is Handful also called Hetty.

Hetty was a slave given to Sarah on her eleventh birthday. Hetty was only ten years old at the time. Their relationship isn’t the mutual, brutal master-slave relationship. This is because even at such an age Sarah is mature enough to find the idea of owning a human obscure.

The duo sets off on a journey of self-development of over 35 years. They both play important parts in each other’s destinies.

As the story goes on, they both go through life-changing experiences. A handful goes through hurt and sorrow. Sarah experiences loss and heart-wrenching betrayal. They go alongside each other and form a unique relationship vested with guilt, disobedience, rupture and unusual ways of love.

Sarah’s life becomes about to crush hopes. But they survive through all that to achieve their dream; freedom. Sarah and her fearless sister Angelica set off to the mission of equal rights for women. While Hetty battles with the curse of slavery.

The effects

Many of us think we know something about slavery just because we have read about it in our books or because we believe we can imagine what it must have felt like. But it isn’t so; things like being bound forever, without having committed a crime can never be wholly touched.

This book gives an insight into the mind if enslaved rather than an account of the big scheme of things. History books are describing each day of that era in great detail, but this book gives you the feeling of just two girls, living in that chaos.

Those feelings are enough to make you curse slavery forever and to know the price and value of the freedom you have. This is the effect this book will have on you.

Greatly written, well researched, amazingly powerful and creatively weaved; this book will stay with you forever.

Biography Sue Monk Kidd

She graduated in Nursing at the Christian University of Texas, and for twenty years worked as a nurse and professor of nursing. Already at forty, he received some writing courses at Emory University, publishing his first book in 1988, about his experiences in contemplative Christianity, at the time he published short stories in various newspapers.

In 2002, she published her first novel, The Secret Life of Bees, which occupied first place in the charts of various newspapers and was taken to the theater and the cinema.

Note that the writer is also known for “The Secret of the Siren”, also presented on the big screen, so Sue Monk Kidd is a reference for great stories, and this is not the least awarded by the author, the theme of Slavery is not common, however, Sue Monk Kidd approaches it in an elegant way, fostering curiosity throughout the story