Book Review and Summary: The Mark of Athena PDF by Rick Riordan

The Mark of Athena: A Message from Annabeth’s Mother

The heroes of olympus and mark of athenaRick Riordan has become immortal by creating his everlasting character Percy Jackson. The epic of demigod has got a new pace with the new book of the author.

In this book, Percy Jackson continues his journey from a message of Annabeth’s mother. A graphic novel, this book is praiseworthy for making the readers to imagine the situations.

When a reader starts to read this book, he must finish the book at a single sitting. Annabeth has got extra emphasis in this story. Rick Riordan indeed describes her love and relationship.

The writer has left a message of fighting against all the odds. The signal its realized after completing the book.

Finding Truth

Annabeth comes to know about the mark of Athena. She was told to avenge her mother. On the other side, Argo II was preparing to invade in demigod’s world. Every demigod is a mix of human and gods. They have powers from the outer world.

Percy Jackson is the leader of demigods by default. This thing makes Annabeth scared about Percy. She thought their leader might join the Romans. Jason, Piper, and Leo fly with Annabeth in Argo II. It was a Greek Weapon.

A convergence point

In the mark of Athena, all the protagonists of the two previous deliveries will converge. On the one hand, we will have Jason, Leo and Piper (who opened the new series with The Lost Hero) and on the other, Percy, Frank and Hazel (the undisputed protagonists of The Son of Neptune).

The singing voice of this adventure, where each of the protagonists of the previous books will have its moment of glory, is carried by Annabeth, the daughter of Athena.

The gods, trapped in their Greek-Roman bipolarity, have locked themselves in the air beyond Mount Olympus, and those who continue to walk among humans see their mental integrity disappear in plain sight.

So Annabeth must carry the most dangerous mission of all. A task of such magnitude that no son of Athena has been able to fulfill without losing his life in the attempt.

But Gaia is waking up; her giants want the blood of the demigods to bring her out of her dream of eons, a seventh demigod is missing to fulfill the requirements demanded by the Prophecy of the Seven, and our heroes are more alone than the one.

Could it be worse? Yes, because the intrinsic hatred that arises from centuries and centuries of historical clashes between Greece and Rome is not going to make things easy for them and our protagonists will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles to trust each other and reach the Doors of Death without further mishaps.

As usual in Riordan’s books, we will have a narrative that will jump from protagonist to protagonist. Sometimes, it will be handy to see the different points of view of Greeks and Romans before the conflict, and in others, as in this case, it will ballast the rhythm of the novel.

Seven people telling the adventure, grouping three by three as indicated by the demigod missions, regrouping, again and again.

Trying to keep the balance between them (Percy, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, Frank, Hazel, and Leo) is very difficult, and sometimes, slows down the internal rhythm of the novel.

Do not misunderstand me, it’s still a fantastic novel, fast-paced, agile, fun and with a “very Riordan” humor, but there are many protagonists, points of view and simultaneous adventures engaged with Swiss watchmaking precision, and that fails in the mark of Athena.

I have noticed that in the previous two books I did not mention anything about the translation. Big mistake! Montana has been very careful in this aspect, as in the editing, and is very correct. Also, the translator stays in the three books, and that gives a sense of continuity to the narrative.

Maybe it is not a very important detail, but for the fussy like me, because these things are a plus. Like the one to include the glossaries of Greek and Roman mythology. I love!

In short, Rick Riordan’s Athena brand follows in the footsteps of his predecessors mixing action, adventure, romance, classical mythology and that sense of humor so characteristic that Riordan prints in all his novels.

More gods, more conflicts, more adventures, more ingenuity, more dangers, and a final cracking that will make you close the book looking for the next as if there were no tomorrow.

Do you want Greek gods, cosmogony, gigantomachy, mythology, Roman history, winks and fun cultural references, intrepid demigods, and action without pause? Seek a camp of Greek demigods or Roman heroes and throw yourself into the adventure.

The Gift is Direction

The journey to Rome was not a simple to complete. There were many sacrifices to make. Annabeth knew that she was born to lead her fellow demigods. But she loved to follow Percy for any instruction. She found Seaweed Brain with her. Seaweed was more than just a disciple. Percy did not need his old friends. Romans brainwashed him.

But subconsciously he was a part of Greek gods. As an heir, he knew the prophecy. Rick Riordan ended up the Mark of Athena with suspense to read the next book of this series. This book is thoroughly enjoyable for any reader.