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Wisdom From The Mastery of Love Guide to the Art of Relationship by Don Miguel Ruiz


The Mastery Of Love PDFThe Mastery of Love is a book by the celebrated Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz. Mr. Ruiz widely regarded as one of the prime authorities on the Toltec spiritualism and beliefs.

In his book, Mr. Ruiz shares with us, his ideas about the issues that cause disruptions in relationships and how these issues work out.

The author tries to explain the foundations of ‘Love’ in the context of the Toltec teachings and traditions that he has managed to learn over the years.

The Mastery of Love is a book that focuses on the teachings of three Toltec Masteries that are Awareness, Transformation, and Love. The author starts off with highlights the several misconceptions they associate with love and the ensuing relationships.

He talks about the unreasonable demands and expectations that people associate with respect and how it eventually leads them to nothing but pain and suffering.

Mr. Ruiz also argues the fact that real happiness can only found within one’s self. It does not come from the outside. He uses the analogy of a Magical Kitchen to explain that if we love the ones we have, entirely and absolutely, only then will we be pleased.

Feeling unloved, or unhappy in life will just cause these feelings to compound, and we will become dependent on others to change our lives. He believes a man himself is responsible for his happiness.

Mr. Ruiz tries to emphasize the dynamics of love. He writes that love must be unconditional. Elaborating this point, he says that you cannot force yourself to love someone or have them like you. That does not make the foundation of a successful relationship.

He also argues that the ‘perfect one’ is that person who you love just the way they are. Trying to fit someone into the system or trying to change yourself to meet the expectations of someone else does not account for love in its real sense.

The mean that you become rigid. Change is a part of life. The author was trying to imply that you should not try to turn into something or someone that does not make you happy. That goes against your beliefs and customs. And someone who holds such expectations from you merely isn’t the one you are meant to be with love.

He also discussed topics like abuse and forgiveness and how they affect our relationship. Mr. Ruiz talks about forgiveness and says that its real sense, forgiveness is more for the offended, than the offender. He says that we need to learn to move on for our sake.

Similarly, he says that the amount of tolerance a person has for abuse is the same as the amount he is ready to absorb from himself.

The Mastery of Love is a book that will make you questions your beliefs and expectations about love and relationships.

It will help you heal your emotional wounds and get a fresh start. Don Miguel Ruiz is a thought-provoking writer, who will engage you with stories and life-changing experiences that are sure to have a significant impact on your life.

Biography Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel Ruiz, was born into a family of healers and grew up in rural Mexico. As the youngest of 13 brothers, he was chosen to continue with the centennial legacy of his family, healing, and teaching.

But instead, he was distracted by modern life and decided to study medicine and become a surgeon. One night in 1970 a near-death experience changed his life. He fell asleep while driving, and woke up just in time to see his car hit a wall.

Don Miguel remembers that he was not in his physical body while observing himself how he saved the two friends who were with him. Stunned by this experience, he began an intense practice of self-knowledge and decided to devote himself to master the ancestral wisdom.

To this day, Don Miguel continues to share these teachings in conferences, workshops, and trips to sacred places around the world.

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