Orphan Train Book by Christina Baker Kline: Review and Summary

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline: a story of human perseverance amidst painful existence

Christina baker kline orphan trainThis masterpiece of Christina Baker Kline is an insight into the suffering of two parallel lives having a profound impact on not only on the lives of the perceptive reader, but it has also won critical acclaim as a book which blends the canonical literary texts with the contemporary cultural trends.

The moving description of the seventeen-year girl Molly Ayer does not only point out how she is a non-conformist concerning societal prescriptions, but it also points out how community services are implemented to correct an offender, as Molly was punished for stealing a copy of the famous piece of literature, Jane Eyre. Very common to the traditional orphan stories where children are brought up by foster parents, Molly’s life also shares that mere glimpse where she is brought up by adoptive parents, and she spends her daily activities by washing and cleaning the roof of Vivian Dally, an elderly person.

How the friendship between Molly and Vivian develops: Orphan Train

The author Christina Baker Kline portrays a poignant psychological description, where Vivian reveals to her how she was brought up by parents who had a midwestern origin, and how she was transported from one of the orphan trains which brought children to be adopted by affluent and affectionate parents. Somewhere down the line of experience, both Molly and Vivian finds out that they share the everyday life struggles and stories, and they should re-incarnate themselves as new individuals, as life is not all pessimistic, but it is also a rich storehouse for vast opportunities, reflecting excellent and affectionate human beings.

It is an interesting fact that although the majority of the readers will suppose that Orphan Train is a fictional account of the myriad of events surrounding Molly’s life, but in actuality, this story is a reflection of real life incidents of how orphans were deported from one place to another, and how they concentrated on the labor laws, the orphanage acts, and the appointment of children to work in industries or plantations.

Moreover, as the author herself remarks, that there were many train riders who reflected their own stories and life accounts to her while traveling by train. These first-hand accounts deliberately influenced the passage of writing and the psychological impact of the life of the orphans.

Publication of life stories from a female perspective:

It is a fact that this book is written by a female author, and it also has a female protagonist. The style of writing is sympathetic to the female character, but at the same time, it also questions the social practices which discriminate between the healthy children and the orphans.

But, there is also a mystery, regarding whether luck gives the same chance to all people or not. The lines are an exclusive reminder of the excruciating pains that orphans have to undergo, and they must tolerate the hardships of life to get positive feedback about the experience in general. The complicated ideas about labor, working conditions in heavy and light industries, and the whole idea of standing tall against a social system which has been prevalent for a long time, all become a reflection of the broad human spirit which sustains itself amidst all odds.

The sentences are reflective and sometimes pungent. The diction is lucid, making us understand what we have seen and what we have not seen in life.

Biography of Christina Baker Kline

American author, essayist, and editor, Christina Baker Kline is known for her stories and novels, is a contributor to media such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Literarian or Star-Ledger, among others. Throughout his career, he has received awards and scholarships like the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

He was educated in Cambridge, where he was born and later moved to the southern United States and Maine. She graduated from Yale, Cambridge, and Virginia, where she obtained a Fiction Writing scholarship and, thanks to another award from Fordham University, was able to write exclusively during 2007 and 2010. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and his three children.

The train of the orphans is his best-known work internationally and reached number one on the list of best sellers of the New York Times.

This book is published by Harper Collins Publishers.

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