Harlan Coben: The Stranger PDF – Book Review and Summary

The Stranger: Maker of Confusions

The Stranger Maker of ConfusionsHarlan Coben is a natural writer. He can deliver the simplest things in the most mysterious ways. His talent is the central star in the book, The Stranger. This novel is for those readers who are fond of mysteries more than a thriller. In the very deep in the book, the magic happens.

A reader will consistently look for the path to solving the puzzle. The background of this book is Adam’s family. Adam is the main character in the novel.

Some of his life-changing meetings have given speed for the story. His confusion and doubt are the original contents of the Stranger.

Leading Life with Happiness

The Stranger starts with visualizing a happy family of Adam and Corinne. They have two sons named Ryan and Thomas. The family was living in Clearfield, New Jersey.

Adam is a public defender, and Corinne teaches at a school. Everything was going well. The peace went away when Adam met with a stranger in a bar. This sudden meeting brought tension and twist in the next part of the story. Harlan Coben has expressed all the happenings so elaborately that a reader will subconsciously get into the novel genuinely.

Meeting the Stranger

After attending the stranger, Adam started to change because he was giving Adam such valuable and mysterious information. The Stranger began with questioning Adam about the truth of Corinne’s being pregnant. Adam was astonished and eventually got himself involved with the Stranger.

He was informed about the dark nature of his wife. Adam also came to know about Heidi Dann and Michaela Siegel. They lived far from New Jersey.

Adam doubted his wife and children. The mystery was coagulated more when the stranger gave data about the secondary relationship of Corinne. The Stranger has got an excellent conclusion with revealing the proper identity of Adam. He found the culprit behind this confusion. Harlan Coben’s work is undoubtedly praiseworthy.

The Stranger is a speedy read, most of the chapters end with impressive facts or questions that you would like to find an answer in the following pages. The book has an extension of 386 pages, scattered among about 56 chapters. An average of 7 pages per chapter.

The most fanatical of Harlan Coben discard the book saying that it is one of the worst of the author. Still, those who scored 2 or 3 stars on Goodreads say they finished it in a matter of days. That’s how quick reading is.

The fascinating fact comes to the table with so many twists, surprises, interesting characters. It is both the suspense, the mystery. The plot is linear, but the chapters tend to jump between the most critical roles, and each one offers a fresh perspective on the case, each one finds a clue, a signal. Relatively separate paths with an exquisite convergence in the final pages.

Mentioning the end, I think it was what I liked least about the work. Not because it was unsatisfactory, it just was not what I expected, and it’s not that it’s wrong, the truth is that the book has many unpredictable details.

In conclusion, I think I decided to read Coben’s most recent work (which did not work for me with John Grisham), and I’m excited to believe that his fans say that this is one of his worst books, which opens the door to a world of better things within its extensive bibliography.


Harlan Coben was born in Newark (New Jersey) on January 4, 1962. He is a famous American writer specializing in crime fiction and crime fiction.

In 1995, he created the first of a series of novels starring Myron Bolitar, a character that over time has become emblematic. He is a former basketball player who is now a representative of athletes and dedicates to investigating the cases that are in his way.

His fame within this genre is remarkable; he is one of the most widely read authors at the international level. His texts are synonymous with numerous titles such as the Edgar Allan Poe Award, the Shamus Award, and the Anthony Award, being the first author too has three awards.

He has also collaborated writing fiction texts on the opinion page of the New York Times. In September 2010 he won the 4th International Novel Black RBA Award (the best endowed in his category) with “High Tension,” the tenth installment of the stories starring Myron Bolitar.

His novels have been described by the New York Times as “ingenious,” by Los Angeles Time as “solidly entertaining,” by the Chicago Tribune as “superb” and by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “mandatory reading.”