Summary and Review: The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

A Conspiracy against Kit Tyler: The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Black Bird BookElizabeth George Speare was a great American writer. Among the female writers of the previous century, she had dominated for a long time. The Witch of Blackbird Pond is one of her best works; this is about the life of an orphan girl and a witch.

The friendship between them is the significant part of the book. The specialty of the book lies in its expression of emotions. The lust for living a free life has made the story familiar to its readers.

Kit Tyler is the main character of the novel. She lost her parents when she was very young. From her loveable Caribbean Island, went into a colony in Connecticut. In there, she experienced deserted loneliness.

Her past life was hunting her down every moment. None were there to help her out from this terrible feeling.

An old woman stretched her hand to Kit Tyler as a friend.

Gradually, Kit started to enjoy her company. There was only a slight problem in their friendship. The old woman was known as the Witch of Blackbird Pond. Tyler was also counting herself as a tropical bird. Just like the bird, she traveled to the wrong corner of the world and could not find a good fit for herself.

No matter, she was having a relationship with a Witch.

Suddenly, Kit Tyler introduced as a Witch. This incident brought fear and anger in her life. She was at the edge of her tolerance. Since her childhood, she could not enjoy a moment properly. Leaving all the criticism behind, she chose the life of a witch to satisfy herself.

The friendship between the Quaker and Kit bonded more strictly. Elizabeth George Speare has become immortal with this outstanding deliverance.

Decomposing the masterpiece


Kit Tyler, sixteen years old, leaves his luxurious house in Barbados after the death of his grandfather. Impulsively jumping on board the ship the dolphin, she sets out to start a new life with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in Wethersfield, Connecticut.


Immediately, Kit discovers that it does not fit well with the Puritan society of Wethersfield. Her wealthy education and free-spirited ways make it difficult for her to adapt to the hard work and strict religious practices of her family and neighbors.

Increase of the action

As Kit strives to fit in with the Wethersfield society, she works long hours in the kitchen and fields, attends church services, and earns the romantic attentions of William Ashby. Although the villagers begin to accept her, she feels more at home with an elderly Quaker, Hannah Tupper, who is rumored to be a witch. Kit’s best friends turn out to be Hannah, a sailor in the dolphin named Nat, and Prudence, a young girl who secretly teaches to read.


When many of the villagers come down with a deadly fever, an angry mob tries to attack Hannah Tupper, believing that she is a witch responsible for the diseases. Kit manages to get Hannah safe, only to confront charges of witchcraft herself.

When Kit confronts judgment, she is doom until Nat and Prudence arrive with evidence to prove their innocence.

Descending action

When William Ashby can not defend Kit during his trial for witches, he realizes that he can never marry him. Instead, William decides to marry Judith, and Mercy agrees with John Holbrook.

Although Kit is happy for them, she feels restless and dissatisfied. At first, she thinks she has nostalgia for Barbados but eventually realizes that she misses Nat.


Nat returns in the spring with his ship, the Witch, named after Kit. Kit and Nat plan to marry, allowing Kit to spend her winters in the West Indies and her summers in Connecticut with those she has come to love.

Independence and self-determination

This theme is express through Kit, as well as the settlers in general. Kit stands out from the others because of its independent spirit. She traveled alone from Barbados and acted according to her judgment, rather than the dictates of her society, the colonists also value independence.

They oppose the control of a British governor and hide their original letter in a tree to preserve their right to self-determination in the future.

Looks are deceiving

Many of the villagers judge others quickly based on superficial qualities. Both Hannah Tupper and Kit labeled as witches because of how they appear or how they act. However, Hannah and Kit are some of the kindest people in the colony. The judgments that settlers make by appearance are not accurate.

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