The Things That Matter By Charles Krauthammer PDF: Review and Summary

Things That Matter – Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes, and Politics

Written by Charles Krauthammer

Things That Matter by Charles KrauthammerMr. Charles Krauthammer is one of the top most-conservative writers in the United States today. A former Democrat, Mr. Krauthammer is a columnist for the Washington Post.

His new book, “The Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passion, Pastimes, and Politics” is an accurate reflection of the belief system of Mr. Krauthammer, who has always been a firm supporter of lower taxes, free markets, and individual rights.

“Things That Matter” is an assortment of selected columns, articles and various pieces written for the magazines. The book divided into four parts with no chronological order whatsoever.

It is entirely up to the reader’s discretion, to plunge in and out of the book as they wish.

However, the book is a compelling read, and the audience will find it difficult to overlook even a single page. The four parts labeled under the titles of personal, political, historical and global. These segments are then further subdivided into 16 chapters in total.

Throughout the book, Mr. Krauthammer makes several bold and thought-provoking debates. For example, the issue of the Time’s magazine person of the century brought into question. Mr. Krauthammer believes that, contrary to popular choice, Mr. Winston Churchill and not Mr. Albert Einstein deserves this title.

The writer believes that Mr. Churchill not only meets all the required criterion but also has a special place in the history of the world because of his indispensability. Mr. Krauthammer claims that without Mr. Churchill, the world would not be as we know it to be.

The book also shines some light on the writer’s view on public swearing and its implications.

Mr. Krauthammer also discusses the rumor of the “Angry White Male” with a significant degree of success. He believes that this myth conceived by political stakeholders looking to pave their way towards the process of having the 1994 elections delegitimized.

The writer’s views about the Holocaust are also put forward for the readers. Mr. Krauthammer believes that there is still much know how among the general public with regards to these atrocities. However, with the passage of time, this memory will also fade away, and the coming generations might only find it locked away in the history books.

The only remnant that will keep us, reminding of the unfortunate event would be Washington’s Holocaust Museum.

The Things That Matter is must-read even for those people who don’t share Mr. Krauthammer’s views. Apart from personal beliefs, several topics like feminism, evolution and society norms discussed. The death penalty, Jewish destiny and America’s role as a superpower and as a stakeholder in the policy-making of the world also inspected.

A very strong autobiographical start gives us some valuable insight into his career as a writer and a political philosopher.

“The Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passion, Pastimes, and Politics” is a compelling read that gives the readers an exclusive preview into the mind of one of the greatest conservative intellectuals in the United States. This book is a fantastic journey through the full last three decades of the American lifestyle.

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About The Autor

Charles Krauthammer, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize, is a syndicated columnist, political analyst, and physician. His column is syndicated to 400 papers worldwide. He is a nightly panelist on Fox News’s Special Report with Bret Baier and a regular panelist on PBS’s Inside Washington.

He’s a previous member of the Head of state’s Council on Bioethics and present member of Chess Reporters of America.

This man presented a keynote speech a few years ago at an international congress in the United States on the medical specialty of Rehabilitation. He spoke in this forum due to the misfortune of having suffered a fracture of the cervical spine when he began his medical studies when jumping into a pool with little depth.

Already at the end of his life, he wanted to explain in a suitable setting what tools used to overcome misfortune, finish the medical degree, become a psychiatrist and also enjoy great professional success as a journalist and political analyst.

The tragedy is easily understandable to everyone: an intelligent young man, in the prime of life, condemned to invalidity because he was accidentally left, quadriplegic.

This accident located more than four decades ago, when Rehabilitation, like other branches of medicine, was merely in its infancy even in an advanced country such as the United States. Another doctor was present in the conference room, the boy who years ago had saved his life by removing him from the water before he drowned.

He thanked him publicly for this fact, because despite the initial despair and the suffering derived from tetraplegia, Dr. Krauthammer, sitting in his wheelchair specially designed for quadriplegic people, said that he had been and remained a happy man.

He resides in Chevy Chase, Maryland.