Book Review: Thirty-Four and a Half Predicaments by Denise Grover

Thirty-four and a Half Predicaments: Mystery begins with Birth (Rose Gardner Mysteries #7)

Denise Grover Swank - Rose Gardner Mysteries Book 3Denise Grover Swank is one of the most important figures in the literary world. Almost every critique regards her style of writing. Though she has a great talent for creating intensity, her book is praised for emotional touches too.

Thirty-four and A Half Predicaments is the seventh volume of Rose Gardner series. This blockbuster series has taken place in the heart of the readers.

Since the first release of the series, this has been a tremendous journey for Rose Gardner. The narrative style of this book is imposing. Thinking like the vital character of the writing will give a comfortable feeling for the readers.

Lady in Black

Rose Gardner is the primary character of the series. As for a problem solver, the author has added some of the most regular tests in the book including family drama. Rose finds her friend Neely Kate depressed at a time. Her best friend could not accept this depression.

Rose wanted to drive her concentration from this mental harassment. She got a new mystery about the mother. There was much evidence to accuse her birth mother of a severe crime which took place before two decades ago. Arriving on the path of solving the problem, Rose discovered some of the most unusual incidents.

King of the Underworld

The first occurrence happened with Rose Gardner was connected with the king of the Fenton County underworld. While lightening up the dark path, Rose got herself involved along with her boyfriend. There were some of the secrets which had to be buried before finding them.

Neely Kate got back to her past world and forgot the sad situation. The mystery revealed when everybody was on the same platform. Thirty-four and a half Predicaments were thoroughly enjoyable.

Book Review

First, I loved the first book, and in this case, you do not feel the need to have known the previous volume to understand the narrative. The author fabulously integrates the main story in an immersive and natural way for the reader. With that achievement, they want to go running to look for the first book.

In the previous episode is the cliffhanger of the relationship between Rose and Joe whom we finally know, removing the mantle of mystery that surrounds him during the first book.

In the beginning, we find Rose full of happiness for sharing her first love, even though she lives far away and can only see him on weekends, which makes the wait for her encounter eternal.

On the other hand, Violet the sister of Rose disapproves the relation with Joe; this generates a division in its familiar relationship deteriorating its strong bond like sisters. The situation gets worse when Violet even arranges an appointment with a suitor more suited to her.

The critical point of the conflict arises when Violet discusses the nature of Joe’s family and he because he is so reserved on that subject.

Rose stands out as the sole defender of a defendant, as a member of a jury, in the book this resource used as a tool of conflict to highlight the vision of Rose, despite the contrary opinion of the rest of the court.

This event results in Rose being imprisoned for a period of history, solving her situation with the help of Deveraux, but at what cost?

It was inevitable the need to go page after page until finding the outcome of this course of events, it is addictive and reward with a surprising conclusion. There is an evolution in the character of Rose since we see her fend for herself, in this book she develops her personality, she defends herself, she is very mature to stand up and make decisions.

Rose is still a very entertaining character to read, she is naive, but she merely tries to find her place in the world. Having a unique psychic ability which has tormented him, however, this has led him to the most exciting situations.

These situations always bring to scene his boyfriend Joe who is the perfect antithesis of her; she is sure, protective, sweet and endearing, she is a character that continually generates a hero dynamic for Rose and her crazy adventures.

Some of the names and characters used in the plot are hilarious regarding references, such as Bruce Wayne Decker, or Violet and his personality going through the crisis of middle age, a phenomenon that many people experience when they experience unexpected changes in their lives.

The book develops quickly and with much humor, easy to digest and enjoy, despite having discovered who the murderer was, did not interrupt my experience with the narrative. In general, I can not wait for the next in the series since each book improves even more.